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cherokee 12th October 2018 20:36

BaaN 5 Role Permissions
Hello all,

I have to grant access to a user for update Production Orders(tisfc0101s000) which I added it to a role that the user has(among other roles) already and is the only one using that role, I Converted to Runtime DD(ttams2201m000) as follow

1. Roles From:"My Role" to "My Role "
2. ticked box Sessions/Library Authorizations
3. Convert

I got added the session code (tisfc0101s000)under BSE$\lib\roles\sessions\M\<My Role> as follow:

My Role

But the user cannot modify production orders still I also convert DD the user logname as well. I do not know what I am missing.

I will appreciate your help.

Best regards,

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