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wjhale 25th September 2009 17:25

Moving from Oracle to SQL Server
We have been operating for over ten years is a Baan IVc3/Oracle/Windows environment quite successfully. We are throwing arround the idea of moving from Oracle over to SQL Server 2008 to reduce the number of database systems we are maintaining and possibly reduce cost. I'm interested in hearing opinions on changing database platforms and methods to do so. Currently, I'm under the impression that to make this move would require exporting/importing Baan companies. Any ideas would be apreciated

Han Brinkman 26th September 2009 10:34

You are correct, you have to export and import your whole database.
Furthermore I like you to advise to contact Infor, they can offer special ASFU licenses which are normally cheaper. They can do this as well for Oracle.


vinceco252 28th September 2009 05:39

I've done this for 3 customers this year (to SQL 2005, anyway...). If you would like assistance/advice, please feel free to contact me at


Hitesh Shah 28th September 2009 06:51

part check list
Some of the points to take care off
1. Separate harddisks for logs and dbf files to ensure good performance
2. Good memory for sql server
3. Jobs to create online backups and create /update stats
4. Mapping baan users to sQL,db creation ,assognment of tables to database
5. Installation as per baan guide like sort mode , db ownership /roles
6. Configuration of msql parameters
7. Proper table sharing across companies to avoid extra table creations
8. If possible , leave archive companies in Oracle only to keep SQL lean and mean
9. Availability of msql commercial function in baan license else re-validate the same .

wjhale 28th September 2009 15:11

Thank you all for your input! It is much what I expected, but it is good to hear it from someone else. I expected the full database export/import. I believe the real pain in all of this will be convering the Baan users from Oracle to SQL Server security. Again, many thanks!

vinceco252 28th September 2009 16:13

There are pretty easy ways to script the login creation on the SQL side. Just need to make sure to populate the ttdba tables correctly.


wjhale 28th September 2009 21:53

Are there particular features in SQL Server Enterprise Edition that makes it more friendly for Baan than Standard Edition?

Hitesh Shah 29th September 2009 06:11

Exact differences can be had here .

If u are satisified with 2 node clustering failover and other high availability/scaleability feaures , dont want point in time restore at row level and do not have immediate need for advanced needs for BI / Reporting , u may use standard edition.

Currently we use standard edition only.

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