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BigJohn 22nd March 2004 23:53

Version Control s/w for baan iv
As part of SOX, we have been asked to do version control on our baan scripts.

We are on Baan IV c3.

I am aware of the Baan provided built in version control for Baan V etc.

But for Baan IV is there any product available which can be used for versioning Baan scripts.
I looked at Merant ... That's no good for Baan scripts since it doesn't talk to Baan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

lbencic 23rd March 2004 18:48

I see nobody is biting on this - I don't know if any great tools for Baan IV, if someone does pls post. They do allow for variants, I know that's not much but it's something. As a script gets updated the old one can be saved as the last variant. That way it can be recalled. Not sure what SOX is or if this meets that requirement.

Edited: SOX = Sarbanes Oxley? Just curious.

~Vamsi 24th March 2004 00:56


Sarbanes Oxley is right.

As for version controlling, you may have seen my interest in doing something for some time.

Anyone wants to offer me access to a Baan server?

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