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DFisch 28th May 2006 21:39

different forums for IV/ERP/LN ?
Hi together,
what is your opinion:
is it better to distinguish the forums in sperate threats for BaanIV, Baan5 and LN 6? Since LN a lot of new functions and features are implemented in the software (and daily I find new ones...) and the answers in the major releases of baan are different.
regards Dirk

Markus Schmitz 29th May 2006 16:04

Certainly that would result in an explosion of forums, basically each forum times 3 or more. I understand, that this would help a lot the user side, because usually a specific user is only interested in a specific version. For the consultant and supplier side this would resultin many more forums to monitor.

I personally am not so fond of this idea. But I am also mainly interested in the technical bits of the discussion and (funny enough) the differences between the versions are not so big.

Also I personally benefit, be stumbling by chance upon an ERP topic, whenI am in reality hunting for BaanIVc4 topics.

I would keep the current structure.

patvdv 1st June 2006 11:00

Hi Dirk,

I have to agree with Markus on this. The problem with adding version specific fora is the fragmentation of Q&A that would occur. The way the forum is currently set up allows us to 'absorb' new relases of the software without forum changes.

DFisch 1st June 2006 14:59

Hello Harkus, hello Patrick,
yes of course I can unterstand your opinion...
But is it possible to set up a field, where the users can see in the overview of every topic, for witch release the question is?
Maybe that would help.
regards dirk

patvdv 1st June 2006 17:03


That is a good suggestion. I will have a look if there is an easy way to attach such meta information to threads.

patvdv 20th July 2006 18:56

Follow-up: I have managed to get an add-on that we can use for tagging threads. Please read the WANTED: Tagging/Categorizing threads thread.

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