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Gaith1 21st October 2015 00:16

ION connect csv file to Infor LN

I'm building a document flow to create records in LN with Inbound BOD PlannedProductionOrder with action Code 'Change' . I have created a customized BOD that I want to push to LN. How can I set up the Application Task connection point to Sync (receive in application) . I need to update cprrp100.psdt . Hope it's clear.


ARijke 21st October 2015 09:29


To me this is not yet clear. Are you talking about the connection point of the sending side or is this the connection point of the receiving side (ie LN)?

I assume the LN connection point. On the details of the connection point the correct document needs to be switched on. Receive in Application field should be set to yes for the correct BOD, for example Process PlannedProductionOrder.

Is that the answer to your question? If not a picture could help to clarify your question.

Regards, Adriaan

Gaith1 21st October 2015 16:37

ION connect csv file to Infor LN
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Hi Adriaan,

See in attachment printscreens of my components.

How can I set the action Code of Inbound BOD ? I need to have a explanation of the file template I need to fit with Inbound BOD in LN. May be I miss something... let me know !


ARijke 21st October 2015 17:19

The document shows a mismatch between the connection points. To get the document flow operating well there should be a match on the document level. That is application 1 should publish a document and application 2 should have it modeled as a receiving document. Now it mismatches: SyncPlanMov is published and SyncPlannedProductionOrder is received.
So the file connector connection point should use 'PlannedProductionOrder' as noun.

The question on actionCode is about how to use the file connector and how to construct xml from there. I'm not an expert at that end. I assume that there is quite some detailed documentation on how to apply the file connector in ION. For sure it is not an LN issue.

regards, Adriaan

Gaith1 21st October 2015 19:26

Will look at it and let you know, thanks for the input

jaguar 19th November 2015 16:18

You have to do a mapping between the two connection points.
This can be done with ION Mapping Studio, or pure XSLT.
Normally i use the Verb "Process" for incoming BODs in LN.

Prabhanjan 3rd December 2015 10:50

Hi Gaith1

Using XSLT Mappings you can do this. You need to map your custom bod(CSV File) to standard bod using XSLT.
Document Flow Will be ----- CSV File ------>XSLT Mapping ------>App

Prabhanjan Bharti

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