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mprakash 16th July 2004 10:58

Losed tfgld418 records - Urgent Help Please
We ran ttaad4225m000 session on 9th of July for our live company. (We ran it because the system performance of our windows server was terribly slow.... Before once we did it and the performance came back to normal)
Yesturday we faced some problems when processing hours accounting and during investigation we have noted that nearly 90% of the records are missing from tfgld418 tables.

The record count of tfgld418 should be nearly tfgld417+tfgld410.

In our case
tfgld410 2333477 records
tfgld417 2333184 records
tfgld418 391922 records should be tfgld410+tfgld417 about 4670000

We saw the transactions date of the existing records in tfgld418 and they are from 10th july...We losed tfgld418 records during reconfig!!

To solve our current problem and to go ahead with our day to day transactions we have to rebuild tfgld418 table.
Baan support mentioned that it is impossible to rebuild tfgld418 completly.

Unfortunately we dont have the backup for this company. The last back up what we have is of 8th June.

Need your help to solve this problem

Note that this live company is running on windows and Baan 5c corelli.

Few clarifications

1. straight forward...How important are the tfgld418 records... Can we continue our business without rebuilding them... Where exactly it will affect our business... Where in finance and where in logistics...What reports may give us wrong output... what business process may fail

2. We have few records(around 2000) in the tfgld416 (Non posted integration transactions) which are before 10th July. The records are related to transactions Sales/Issue (transaction origin/Financial transaction) and Sales invoicing(sales)/Cost of Goods sold. Can we post them without tfgld418?

3. Is it possible to rebuild tfgld418 table (may be from tfgld410, 417 and tfgld106 or any other table).
If so from which tables... What fields cannot be rebuilded...and what will be the affect of those missing field values in the business (I came to know for example that the document number will be difficult or impossible to rebuild....)

4. During reconfig is there any file where system writes these rejected records so that we can retrieve them from there

5. What are the files which tells us the exact number of rejected records from the tables during that we can make sure that only tfgld418 table is affected

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Hitesh Shah 16th July 2004 16:43

Q1 - tfgld418 is the support for integration postings in finance. Auditors can vouch this integration reports with postings in finance. Without records in tfgld418 this will not happen. Baan standard archiving will not work.

Q2 - posting can not be done without records in tfgld418.

Q3 - Techncally possible but extremely difficult and not advisable.

Q4 - Normally the records are not lost in re-org except when u check validity of reference and repair references. I think in ur case u rebuild the data and indiced and the rebuild process seems to have been aborted . In such case there should be some R.tfgld418 file in the tmp folder. And u should be able uploda the date from thereon after appropriate backup.

Q5 - log.aad4225

Hope this helps.

mprakash 17th July 2004 17:14

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Thanks for the detail answers.

This problem really happened few weeks back..but we discovered it only yesturday. We delete all the files in the tmp folder everyweek (Because it generates hell lot of files everyday) and we never kept the back up. I searched $BSE/log and $BSE/tmp folder and the only file we can able to get is aad4225.log. (I also searched for any files in the document and setting/user/local settings/temp folder but didn't find any) Is there any other location I can search for the related files?

I tried to analyse aad4225.log but couldn't understand anything. Is it possible to verify what other tables affected from this file (I have attached the file)

The only option now left is of rebuilding tfgld418. Any suggestions from which tables I can collect the data from

kumaresan_r 20th July 2004 18:07


I think the table tfgld418 can not be brought back in your case. But, without this table, you can manage by generationg a report with a combination of tfgld410 and tfgld417.

But in case of unposted transactions (tfgld416), the records should be in tfgld418 for posting, you can insert missed records through GTM in tfgld416 and post.


Hitesh Shah 21st July 2004 09:08

points to remember

Originally Posted by kumaresan_r

I think the table tfgld418 can not be brought back in your case. But, without this table, you can manage by generationg a report with a combination of tfgld410 and tfgld417.


If u generate a new report , sales invoices are present only in tfgld410 . It does not exist in tfgld410. Further integration status tfgld410.sint is not updated (we have SP12 loaded).

pfsilva 21st July 2004 11:12

Maybe u have a way to recover tfgld418 missing records using u may have noticed records in tfgld410 relate to tfgld418 in the following way:
tfgld418.prin as no equivalent in tfgld 410 but is normally =
tfgld418.sint is set to tfgld.sint.posted if tfgld410.podt <> 0(empty) else is unposted or erroneous

The main index is the same, so u can rebuild tfgld418 from tfgld410 with this criteria...
Maybe u should try it first with existing records in both tables to check if your script would generate correct records for tfgld418 out of tfgld410...
Hope this help.

GaryEd 21st July 2004 15:40

I have seen this session but never used it. Session description is "Fill tfgld417 and tfgld418 based on tfgld410". Maybe this is of use to you.

richard 21st July 2004 18:30

tfgld418 = tfgld410 + 417

We made a specific for this problem.
I can send it if you still need it.


mprakash 22nd July 2004 18:15

Trying the options already mentioned in the thread...

Richard can you please send me the details

Please note that we are on Baan5 corelli

Thanks a lot

mprakash 22nd July 2004 18:24

There is lot of changes on these tables between baan4 and baan5c. Anybody done this for Baan5c. Or atleast can anybody help me to get the field by field mapping for tfgld418.

mprakash 23rd July 2004 11:11

Field mapping of tfgld418
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I made a xl file to map the fields of tfgld418. So far I was able to get only the index part!!! May you guys help me to fill the fields (those you can) in the xl sheet!!! (column is marked in red color)

I like to finish this job today!! so your quick help will be much appriciated.

Thanks guys

raja100 23rd July 2004 16:47

Losed tfgld418 records
Copying data from 410 and 417 only is not going to help, there are some fields in 418 for which data needs to be pulled from other table. The complicated one is the order number. I need to ask u some more questions send me a separate email and i will send u my contact number for discussing this.


Mohamed_alsadr 3rd August 2004 17:02

actually there no serious problem regarding your process it is a problem that appears only when you print the financial integration history data and if you want to rebuild ,you have to see the integration scheme and make the same procedure which used by baan to build this tables

ritchly 25th September 2004 10:26

run correctin programme otfcor0232
Check the correction programme otfcor0232


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