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mraguthu 20th September 2004 17:39

Logos in Sales Order Acknowledgement Report...
Our company has 4 divisions. In the Order acknowledgements, each division wants to see their own division's logo. Is it possible?? Please help us.

Thanks for your advise.

Neal Matthews 20th September 2004 17:43

Do a search on the word "logo" on the board to look at previous threads. it is possible to do it without third party software.

We do use a third party product as it gives us a lot more freedom and is easier to use.


~Vamsi 21st September 2004 18:35

What method are you using to put logos on the report currently.

If you are using the font method, your requirement is easily met. Instead of hardcoding the character on the report you can use a variable. The content of the variable of type string length 1 is determined by some logic in your report. You will have a font with multiple characters, one each for the different divisions.

mraguthu 21st September 2004 22:58

At present we are not using any method..we are ready to use. Can you give some details or links to get that info please..

~Vamsi 22nd September 2004 03:21

Search for logo and see which method suits you.

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