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Ajesh 10th November 2016 07:42

Killling a Used License in SLM
When a connection gets lost with a Baan Server and when i try to Login again, i get a message "No license for the "specific User" .".

Now i have killed the Baan process through Task Manager but i still get the error message. This happens with SLM Named User Type.

Although i get access after around 5 or 10 mins but i need to get access righaway.When i look into SLM, the User has a license in Use, i want to kill that Zombie License.The Server is Windows 2012.What is the command to do that?

lebowski 15th November 2016 11:57

You can adjust the confirm time in SLM although Infor recommends to leave it at default:

SLM MMC --> License data --> Options data --> Confirm Time

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