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Dikkie Dik 15th November 2002 13:46

UPDATED (5): Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide
Hereby I like to present you the new Performance Tracing and Tuning Solution – Solution 22881401.
The direct link is

The Performance Tracing and Guide has been integrated in a larger solution. It contains the following documents:

General Sizing documentation
  • Infor Sizing Whitepaper
  • HP Solution brief
  • Oracle SPARC Sizing brief

Infor LN Performance documentation
  • Infor LN Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide
  • Infor LN Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide for DB2
  • Infor LN Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide for Oracle
  • Infor LN Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide for SQL Server
  • Infor LN Performance Tracing and Tuning highlights (presentation)
  • Performance Guidelines for Infor LN
  • Deploying Infor ERP LN in a Virtualized Environment – Whitepaper
  • Sizing Guidelines - Microsoft Reporting solution for Infor LN
  • Infor ERP LN in an IBM LPM environment

Infor Workspace / Web UI Performance, Sizing and Deployment documentation
  • Infor Workspace 10.x with Infor Web UI 10.x - Sizing and Deployment Guide
  • Infor Web UI 10.x - Infor Web UI - High Availability Deployment
  • Infor Web UI 10.x - Sizing and Deployment for a Thin Client Solution

Infor ION, Sizing and Deplyment Documentation
  • Infor ION 10.1 - Sizing and Deployment Guide
Suggestions and comments can be sent to

Happy reading,

patvdv 9th April 2003 11:29

Thread and document updated!

kv0512 1st July 2003 14:21

is there any other document for BaanIV ?


Dikkie Dik 9th July 2003 11:33

Most of the information is also applicable for Baan IV. Let me know if you need clarification on certain topics.

Kind regards,

Dikkie Dik 4th June 2004 14:57

Update has been done
To let you know I updated the document.

Kind regards,

berthe 24th August 2004 17:16


I'm very interested in this document, but I can't open it...
Would it be possible to mail it to me?

Thanks a lot!

mark_h 24th August 2004 18:00

A copy should be on the way.


raghunath13 7th September 2004 18:11

Why does SSA Baan always ignore Informix?
I don't see any reference or mention about Informix Database in the attached document. Does this indicate that SSA doesn't bother about Informix Database anymore. I am experiencing severe performance problems with Informix database as it uses only level 1 driver. Can someone help me by guiding me with appropriate database tuning document for Informix.


Dikkie Dik 8th September 2004 08:49

SSA cares about Informix
It is not that SSA doesn;t care about Informix. It is just not my core knowledge. It is still on my wish list to add a chapter in that area, but I am too busy yet and can't find someone who has the time and knowledge to do the (pre)work for me.

I assume that the board and support can help you further when you explain the problems.

Kind regards,

raghunath13 8th September 2004 10:34

Informix Database
I hope and believe that SSA must have some expertise in Informix. Why is that i am not able to find a single document on Informix tuning in their Support knowledgebase. If SSA really cared, i think by this time i should have seen some document.

Is it possible to obtain some kind of technical details like differences between Level 1 & Level 2 Informix drivers for SSA Baan 5.0c.

I really appreciate any details that could help me.


vsauer 6th December 2005 11:47

Missing informix documentation
Thats correct !!! Nothing comes in the last month to tune a informix environment. Nothing about actual ONCONFIG or db_resource entries etc.

Dikkie Dik 6th December 2005 11:54


Originally Posted by vsauer
Thats correct !!! Nothing comes in the last month to tune a informix environment. Nothing about actual ONCONFIG or db_resource entries etc.

Actual OBCONFIG and db_resource can hardly be given as it will change for every customer. But I know there is some work in progress on an Informix document. There is some very good expertise about Informix within SSA, but it is less commen at this moment due to all kind of changes made in the past.

So my advice: keep asking at support!

Hope this helps,

steventay 19th September 2007 06:16

any tunning guide for informix 7.3

Dikkie Dik 19th September 2007 08:51


Originally Posted by steventay (Post 125040)
any tunning guide for informix 7.3

Informix 7.3 is almost 10 years old. Please search on the flee markets for documentation or take a look at


Dikkie Dik 2nd November 2007 16:06

To let you know I updated the documentation with a new version (released today).

Best regards,

steventay 2nd November 2007 16:16

is there any tunning on BaanIV4c

Dikkie Dik 2nd November 2007 16:48

BaanIVc needs no tuning :D.

If you read the document carefully you will see that a lot can be used for Baan IV as well. Where things are portingset or version specific, I tried to document this.

Best regards,

Dikkie Dik 9th September 2011 09:29

The topic heading is changed due to a new version.

kyle1907 9th November 2011 09:03

Hi, i cant seem to find the document as mentioned. Could you e-mail me a copy? My e-mail : Thank you in advance.

Dikkie Dik 9th November 2011 09:10

The docs are there, but if you don't have an Infor365 account, you have an issue. I am not sending these docs by email. BTW use a supported browser. Hereby the direct link:

Dikkie Dik 10th January 2013 16:10

To let the followers know that I updated the solution to the current situation. It is worth to read this solution again.

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