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pegaga1979 19th July 2017 10:59

Purchase Requisition: To use item description only

We are using purchase requisition and then convert to purchase order.
And we have item that one time purchase.
Therefore, we tried to insert item with blank item code and write detail in the description. But when we convert to purchase order, system required item code, which means the description will be deleted.

So, is there any other method or ways i can remain the description during the conversion?
Or else, is there any method i can view directly the Text at the same session and line of purchase requisition.

Your advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

erplncons 20th July 2017 09:55

Hi pegaga1979 :
You may create few items in your item master for onetime purchase (depending upon cost center, etc.) and may be you can have dept. name as description for those items. When converting the purchase requisition to PO, you can select the correct item code for that dept. and then copy the description / text from PR to item purchase text for the PO.
This can also give you summary of purchases for a dept., etc.

sasikanth 24th July 2017 16:56


When I've got similar requirement at one of the Customer Site, this is how I've helped them.

1) Create an Item in Items-General with the required details (The Description can be anything - May be you can also create different items per department as suggested by erplncons)

2) Select this item when you're creating the Purchase Requisition Line (Maintain the Requisition Line "Text" with the Actual Item Description)

3) Submit, Approve & Convert the Requisition to Purchase Order

4) On the Purchase Order Line, you can view the Requisition Line Text that you've maintained earlier

5) To avoid printing the Item Description from the Item Master (which could be a generic description), remove the "Standard Description" checkbox in the Purchase Order Line. Using this, the Item description from the Item General won't be printed anymore on the Purchase Order Document, and the Order Line Text would be printed near to that - which you can customize to meet your layout requirements

Do not hesitate to reach me out if you still have concerns.

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