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Question 23rd January 2017 20:22

How to eliminate "insufficient inventory available" appear on Sales Order line
I always get the pop up message "insufficient inventory available" when I enter a "Purchased" or "Manufactured" item in Sales Order line.

I have the following set-up and the message is still shown.
- Items are not set with an order system of MPS, they are Manual.
- Sales Order parameter Time Phased Inventory Check is set to 'NO'
- MPS parameter Check Availability-to-Promise for Sales orders is set to 'NO'

Please advise how I can skip this message for every line.

Thanks. Ruby

Ajesh 25th January 2017 12:43

Create PO for that item and bring plenty of it in stock.

vahdani 25th January 2017 13:25

Hi Ruby,

apparantly the stock will also be checked and the message will be given if - as in your case - the Sales Order parameter "Time Phased Inventory Check" is set to 'NO'!!

Question 25th January 2017 22:35

The Item will be "To Order" item (PRP item). It shouldn't have any inventory in the first place.

erplncons 27th January 2017 13:39

What is the safety stock, reorder point, etc. of this item? In the ordering parameters have you considered any stock?

chandrajeet 29th June 2017 09:28

This message come because you direct the system to handle the Inventory shortage . So for avoid this message you need to do two settings .
1.Go to your User profile & select the check box"Automatic Inventory storage handling"
2. Go to sales order type details "Inventory Check" tab & than select no action for planned & no Planned Item(Its up to You ).

Chandrajeet Kishore

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