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dbinderbr 18th September 2002 21:38

Formatting the script..
Hello !!

I would like to know if there is an easy way to format a Baan script while posting it in a thread.

Thanks in advance.

~Vamsi 18th September 2002 21:47

Please see this thread.

NPRao 18th September 2002 21:49


Please refer to the tags section on the Board.

dbinderbr 25th September 2002 21:43


I have tried to use the tag [code=baan] [/CODE=baan] and it's not working... Am I doing something wrong? I am just writing following the instructions, I just write these tags and write my code between them.

When I use just "code" it works fine.

Another question, how can I use the "tab" (tabulation) in my text?

Thanks in advance.

OmeLuuk 25th September 2002 21:57

It is like this
        select        *
        from        ttaad200
        where        ttaad200.user = "OmeLuuk"

Please quote this message for an example...

NPRao 25th September 2002 22:07


You have paste your code between the tags -


Replace * with [ or ] as approriate.

dbinderbr 25th September 2002 22:20

I've found the problem !
I followed the example present in the thead 5452, there is mentioned to open the tag with [code=baan] and close with [/code=baan] but when I tried to close the tag without using "=baan" it worked fine, but when I use "=baan" it just dont work like the following example:


message("Testing 123")


~Vamsi 25th September 2002 22:54


That indeed is a bug :) in the documentation. I am sure Patrick will correct it when he sees this thread.

patvdv 25th September 2002 23:01

Yeah sorry guys, my error. I corrected the example now. For all clarity you only use the specifier '=baan' at the start

OmeLuuk 26th September 2002 08:50


dbinderbr: Another question, how can I use the "tab" (tabulation) in my text?
I use an external editor and cut/paste. But indeed the board has this with laeding spaces and tabs in the text... Pat?

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