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NPRao 13th November 2001 01:03

Debug Baan shell

does anyone an idea on the session, ttstpbshdebug in BaaN ERP

and what are all the options mean??

Please share info and maybe any relevant document.


NPRao 28th May 2003 03:50

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oh well... seems to be a very old posting and since there are no reponses to my original question, so I will reply to it myself. :D

Information available in the iBaan ERP 5.2a - Tools Technical Manual.

There is information about this functionality in document U7795B US, titled iBaan ERP 5.2a - Tools Technical Manual.

I believe it starts on page 108. You will find a lot of other good information in this document as well.

To find this document, go to, login, click "Documentation" on the left hand side, then click "Baan Documentation" from the Express Box on the upper right corner. You can search by Baan document number, simply put in U7795B US.

Thanks to Dikkie Dik for his postings there are new performance monitoring tools in the new Tools sets.

Baan and new Oracle features

Debugging database drivers - query optimization

UPDATED: Performance Tracing and Tuning Guide

The new BLAT options are now integrated in ttstpbshdebug compared to the older version - Printing the Stack Trace

OmeLuuk 28th May 2003 13:22


I think I missed that post, I was not signed up at that time yet.

You can find a lot of explanations on the settingsfile I posted here, because all of the bshell settings can be set using this session with similar settings like in bshcmd. Use bshcmd6.1 -d <dbglvl> : Set DEBUG_LEVEL to (octal) <dbglvl>

2.1.6 "-- -set DEBUG_LEVEL=" Alternative way to set some debug options
of the bshell (of other programs too?)
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000001 (= -dbgdata) show data input actions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000002 (= -dbgobj) show object information
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000004 (= -dbgref) show reference paths
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000010 (= -dbg#)
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000020 (= -dbgfun) debug functions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000040 (= -dbgsrv) database server information
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000100 (= -dbglck) show delayed locks
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000200 (= -dbgmulact) show process actions (sleep,kill,etc)
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000000400 (= -dbgrefer) database reference information
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000001000 (= -dbgbdbact) show database actions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000002000 (= -dbgfdev) debug file access
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000004000 (= -dbgres) show loaded resources
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000010000 (= -dbgenums) show loading of enums
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000020000 (= -dbginstr) show bshell cpu instructions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000040000 (= -dbgcpu) use debug version of the cpu
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000100000 (= -dbgsrdduse) show whether domains, data definitions and objects are loaded from disk or shared memory
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000200000 (= -dbggpvar) debug get.var & put.var functions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0000400000 (= -dbgsched) debug scheduler
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0001000000 (= -dbgpty) debug pty's
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0002000000 (= -dbgfile) show opened sequential files
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0004000000 (= -dbgtss) debug TSS functions
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0010000000 (= -dbg#)
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0020000000 (= -dbgorb) debug ORB integration
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0040000000 (= -dbgstack) show stack traces
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0100000000 (= -dbgmessg) debug messages
-set DEBUG_LEVEL=0200000000 (= -dbgflow) show program flow
Note: After startup the debug level can be set with bshcmd:
-d <octal_debug_level> set to debug level

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