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george7a 30th May 2007 11:59

Undocumented Functions & Variables
Hi All,

In the last week I bumped into an undocumented function :eek:. I was interested in this issue and I will dedicate this thread for them. I am not talking about old functions/variables that are not documented in the new manuals and were documented in old ones. These kinds of functions were kept in order to support older versions. I am talking about totally undocumented functions/variables.

I have seen and old thread talking about two undocumented functions for Baan 5 (one of them is documented). This thread will include undocumented functions & variables for all Baan versions.

Here is a list for the undocumented functions that were posted in Baanboard:

get.message.type() was mentioned in this link. function was mentioned in this link. More clipboard related function here.

fork() function was mentioned in this link.

function was mentioned in this link.

If you know some more undocumented functions/variables, please share them here ;).

Best Regards,

- George

spartacus 30th May 2007 14:51

I think "free$" has also to be mentioned. It is discussed here:

george7a 4th June 2007 09:02

I would like to share that this all began when I found a function in Baan IV by "luck". I searched for it in the IV & V manuals but I did not find it. After a while I searched in the LN manual and there it was! So it was not a totally undocumented function after all.

However, I believe there are other undocumented functions/variables out there. I will make this thread a sticky one (for a while) so that others can contribute.

- George

Hitesh Shah 8th June 2007 10:05$
I checked in the documentation . I think this also is an internal variable which stores current company name .

george7a 23rd July 2007 13:57

single.occ.objects() array (predefined variable)
single.occ.objects was mentioned in this post. As I have noticed, it is used to hold the ID number of each object used in the session.

george7a 25th July 2007 08:46


Originally Posted by Hitesh Shah (Post 117624)
I checked in the documentation . I think this also is an internal variable which stores current company name .

I have found that the$ is an extern string defined in ottstp_stddll & ottstpstandard DLLs.

Edit: This was found on Baan IV

Hitesh Shah 25th July 2007 16:55$
True . In fact this variable could be available in any program only if it's delcared in any of these programs . In fact all Baan 4GL programs are extensions of ottstpstandard which contains the Baan standard program logic .

In fact u can extend this logic for other function prototypes and other variables also .

george7a 30th July 2007 12:15

In the manuals of Baan IV/V pstat function is not fully documented. There are some macros that can retrieve information from pstats's output. Only the first three macros (ps.state, & ps.parent) are documented. I have luckily found other macros that do work on Baan IV.

Here is the full list:

ps.state(info) | returns PSRUNNING, PSBLOCKING, PSSLEEPING, or PSTERMINATING. | returns the identifier of the process group to which the process belongs.

ps.parent(info) | returns the identifier of the parent process of the process group.

ps.nice(info) | returns the nice value of the process.

ps.cpu.use(info) | returns the number of ticks used by the process.

ps.mwin(info) | returns the object id of the main window of the process.

ps.pri(info) | returns the priority of the process.

ps.size(info) | returns the amount of memory allocated by the process (in bytes).

ps.cwin(info) | returns the object id of the current window of the process

After that, I checked in the LN manuals and the function was fully documented (with all the macros)! I thought I will post the full documentation here so others can see those undocumented macros also in Baan IV & V.

- George

NPRao 31st July 2007 20:22
More inf on SWITCH.TO.PROCESS How to Combine two session in a one form

george7a 10th August 2007 08:16

I have ran through this function on our Baan IV! It takes the following arguments:

long = oipstat (long,long,string)

It reminds me of pstat() function. However I did not find it in any documentation and I don't know what it does! :confused:

Maybe someone else knows!

The documentation for this function can be found here

- George

george7a 11th September 2007 13:46

get.cust.code takes no arguments and returns the Baan Customer Code as a string.

P.S. found in Baan IV

george7a 11th September 2007 14:06 takes no arguments and return the Baan License Number as long

george7a 12th September 2007 09:28

is.password.ok takes two strings and returns true if there is a match between the password and the encrypted one (review crypt.password$ function in this thread). After I found it, I saw it was mentioned in the following links:

- George

george7a 25th September 2007 12:19

As I understand load.font() should load a font into a variable that will be used in setting the font for the chart manager

It was mentioned:

It was also mentioned in the Twiki but not documented:

george7a 25th September 2007 12:30

subdal - variable
Subdal has its own thread here:

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