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patvdv 2nd October 2008 02:52

Registration Bots from etc
Hi all,

We are getting a very large amount of auto-registrations from spambots over the last couple of hours that are using or registration addresses. I am therefore banning the entire & domains temporarily for the use of registering new accounts. This will not affect members already registered with such an e-mail address.

george7a 9th October 2008 11:07

How are they passing the image verification test?

I know that some forums keep the text that is in the image somewhere inside the PHP code. I checked BB but I could find the leak.

patvdv 9th October 2008 23:31

Hi George,

Nothing is hardcoded in the actual source code, the registration bots are just getting smarter all the time with OCR getting better as well. Most CAPTCH)A mechanims of the free e-mail address systems have been cracked by now (gmail, hotmail, ...) so that gives the spammers a wealth of free e-mail addresses to use (see: I will need to upgrade the board software to the most recent version to make it more difficult for the spammers.

george7a 13th October 2008 14:09

And they made a company out of it for blind people!

george7a 13th October 2008 16:59

How about adding another question to the sign up forum which is similar to:

How much is X + Y ?
Of course X & Y should change always.

- George

patvdv 13th October 2008 22:00

Hi George,

I believe such questions are part of the security scheme in the next release of the forum software. So I will implement it in the near future. Nevertheless, even that measure is not abuse-proof unless the questions are formulated in such a way that they can be be answered by using for example rainbow tables.

george7a 27th October 2008 12:00

More than 2 weeks has passed and I have not seen a spammer!

Good job Pat!

patvdv 28th October 2008 22:27

Hi George,

Thanks. They seem to come in waves so let's not declare victory just yet.

patvdv 4th November 2008 12:02

Hi all,

I am letting @gmail addresses pass again for registration.

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