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bharath1203 7th August 2019 15:39

Customised BOD not triggering in ION

I have created a custom bod and added it in the ion connection point. I got Subscription tlesb300 table also. When I insert the data from tlbct3232m000 session the sequence count is increasing but when I insert the data directly through the session for which I have created the bod the sequence number in tlesb200 is not increasing. :confused:
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ARijke 9th August 2019 14:21

did you add a trigger anywhere in the application code (preferable the DAL) to publish the BOD?
In your test with tlbct3232m000, did you test with a Process verb? in that case the LN tools trigger an Acknowledge BOD that will increase the sequence number.
Regards, Adriaan

bharath1203 12th August 2019 08:27

I have added the trigger in user exit and I have tested my process verb using tlbct3232m000 session and I got the acknowledge bod as the response. When I use tlbct3232m000 session for insertion(Process verb) the sequence count in tlesb200 table is increasing but when i insert the record manually, count is not increasing.
Please do the needful.

ARijke 12th August 2019 08:59

The trigger is for the Sync verb and the created subscription is for the the Sync verb as well?
did you check via debugging whether the trigger is actually hit?

bharath1203 13th August 2019 09:53

I wrote this code in UE of tcibd001.

function extern long mode)
on case mode
case DAL_NEW:

function publishMyCustomBOD(domain tcmcs.str30 i.Action)

long r,z

r = tcbod.dll0001.publish.bod(
"bharath121BOD", |i.noun,
"botst201", |i.bod.table,
trim$(i.Action), |i.action.code,
2, |i.bod.entity.type,
"", |i.bod.entity.code,
tcibd001.item, |,
false, |i.batch.bod,
"", |,
0, |i.batch.sequence,
0, |i.batch.size,
"", |i.processing.action
tcibd001.item) |identifiers


when i try to insert data thru session count is not increasing in tlesb200 table
when i try to insert data thru tlbct3232m000 count is increasing in tlesb200.

I think code is triggering.

ARijke 13th August 2019 10:11

If you think the trigger is reached then it is probably the best to create a trace file and see the function flow and where it stops without actually creating the BOD in the outbox.
1 additional check, did you flag the BOD to be staged in the session BOD Implementation Registration?

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