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jeffersyuan 28th December 2016 04:39

BOD Bll confusing
Hi, All,

After read the document Infor Ln Studio Integration Development Guide. It seems that I am more confusing about it.

In the bo module, there are a lot of script for BOD, such like boxxx blxxx sb 00 and boxxx blxxx st00.

Not sure about the whole flow on it, such like in the LN side, in DAL level, if required, it will set a flag to active BOD publish. Then which script will be called finally? sb00 or st00 ?

And in ION side, the third party software, will send a BOD document to ION, and ION will send the BOD to LN, which script will be called? sb00 or st00? Further more, it seems st00 will call more detail functions (such like whboddllxxxx for example).

Am I in the right way?



bhushanchanda 28th December 2016 09:10


To simplify the confusion's, here is what I think should be enough for you to understand it.


sb script - Public
st script - Private

sb script contains public methods/functions. So, ION executes sb script first.

Once sb script is executed, methods/functions inside the st script which are private are executed from st script.

So, the flow will be like this -

Application -> ION -> SB script -> St Script -> Insert/Update/Delete/Processing in LN.

jeffersyuan 29th December 2016 07:37


Thanks a lot for your explanation.
That's quite clear on it.



Originally Posted by bhushanchanda (Post 200327)

To simplify the confusion's, here is what I think should be enough for you to understand it.

Ajesh 1st January 2017 14:12

So what triggers BOD Publishing from LN side?

I mean apart from the flag,Prevent BOD Publishing, which is unticked and registering of the BOD.

Is there a flag in the DAL level or a script level?

bhushanchanda 2nd January 2017 19:49

Yes. If you own the source code, you can check DLL tcboddll00001(not sure about the code right now), which gets triggered on ever record insert/update/delete. The DLL checks if there exists and BOD related to the underlying table. If yes, it searches for the related sb and st scripts and triggers them accordingly.

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