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sant123 23rd March 2005 18:59

OpenWorld and JMS
I am setting up B2B portal with some of our customers, and need to understand the JMS integration with the OPenWorld Adapters. has anybody done this setup.

Also Baan currently supports only IBMMQ and MSMQ, did anyone try with other Messging systems like SonicMQ etc.

Appreciate any help.


mraguthu 27th March 2005 00:51

We are using IBM MQ at present. We have a plan to migrate our tm2.3 to tm2.6. From tm2.6 Baan only supports IBM MQ. Infact MQ only work with JMS from tm2.6 onwards. I am not completly sucessfull yet. But I keep you posted the progress if you want or be in touch with me.


sant123 28th March 2005 18:22

Please do update me on your progress
Hi, Mraguthu,

Appreciate your help, please be in touch and update this link whenever you find time.

could you send me the document that you are follwing to to do this.

mraguthu 3rd April 2005 04:56

So far we are able to get the test xml messages form MQ into Baan. I can say little sucess. At present I am simulating my laptop as webserver (loaded adopter, connector, MQ client in laptop). Next week we have plan to do the same in our test webserver. You can contact me via my e-mail if you need any urgent help..."". Baan suppot is doing huge help in our upgrade.

Good luck.

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