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BaanInOhio 3rd April 2009 17:38

Removing purchase approval documents after match document is deleted?
Here's a scenario that I recently witnessed. Could be fixed with a code modification, but would rather do so thru procedure if possible:

A user enters a transaction to match and approve a purchase receipt. This creates a purchase matching document and a purchasing approval document. After matching, they decide that it isn't the correct supplier or PO, so they go back in and reverse the match. This creates offsetting entries for the approval under a different document number. After reversing, they delete the match document in tfacp1110s000.

The purchase matching document is gone from tfgld102, but the approval documents remain in tfgld102, still referencing the deleted matching document in the correction transaction type & document fields. Going back to the maintain transactions session still shows the approval transaction type. The session that's zoomed from that transaction type doesn't allow for removal of the documents (tfacp2110s000).

Am I missing a part of the procedure for backing out of purchase matches?

Hitesh Shah 3rd April 2009 19:48

reverse approval
AFAIK Reverse approval can not be deleted technically . Functionally when reverse approval document actually nullifies original approval doc . Hence no need to remove the same.

Further main session for approval session is tfacp1140s000 and not acp2110s00. So u may just finalize the batch in routine course .

venkat_pj 17th April 2009 19:26

If you want to remove the approval documents you can run correction programme

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