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VishalMistry 19th January 2017 15:08

3gl session taking too much time
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This is regarding Baan IVc4.

Hello everyone,

I have created a 3gl session and I am displaying check box for every item group and label object for every item group desc in row column object (DsCrowcolumn).

Also there are two command buttons, "Count" and "Exit". when user selects checkbox of different item group and clicks on Count button, system displays a message showing number of item groups selected.

The ID of every check box created is stored in an array and later on checked if it is selected or not.

The problem is, it is taking too much time to display a message (more than 3 minutes).

I am attaching script for reference. If anybody can have a look and spot the problem.


mark_h 19th January 2017 19:32

Debug it - I had to make one change to the code, but it works really well on our test system. It comes up with our item groups - I can click all of them and it takes 2 -3 seconds to pop up the message. I had to add a before the But without that it was trying to count in company 000. Now we only have 22 item groups.

VishalMistry 24th January 2017 12:01

Hi Mark,

I tried doing but there is no improvement.

I also tried to debug the code. One thing I found while debugging is that while trying to check the value of check box (see if it is selected or not) using get.object is taking a bit more time.

Anyone else faced similar issue ? Please help.


mark_h 24th January 2017 13:18

I went back and debugged it - every part seems to run nicely, even the get object. I am also running on UNIX platform. We are on like SP33 - not sure any of that helps or not.

VishalMistry 24th January 2017 17:18

We are on service pack 32 and OS is Windows


shah_bs 28th January 2017 01:32

Recompile in profiler mode and check which function is consuming the most time. It will help if you move the user interface related code to their own functions and the data fetch code to their own functions. That way it will be easier to separate which code is using the most time. After that analysis, you can decide the next steps.

I cannot be sure (since I have never used the DsC functions), but I suspect that one of the DsC functions in your particular installation is consuming time. I do not believe the select statements would be the cause of the performance issue. If I am right, and since this seems to be your own session, I would recommend to just use standard BAAN 4GL session and code.

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