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~Vamsi 10th December 2001 23:57

Editor for Baan (SCITE)
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No longer a Beta release

Scite based on Scintilla now has support for Baan.

As announced previously this editor has a boatload of features
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Folding
  • Calltips (no more trying to figure out the arguments for a function)
  • F1 key gives Baan Tools help.
  • Auto indentation
  • Auto complete
  • Block (un)commenting
  • Regular expression support
  • Line numbers
  • Windows editing keys
  • Small size executable
  • Works on Windows and Linux

Not for people who like Vi :D.

Download the current stable release executables from Choose full download and not the "single file executable".

The files shipped from site do not have the full keyword list nor the baan.api file. Unzip Scite into a directory preferably c:\wscite or d:\wscite. Then copy the files (overwrite the file from site) and baan.api from Baanboard site - these are part of the zip file below.

Copy and edit the file to an appropriate directory
# for Windows NT this file should be in C:\winnt\profiles\xxxxxx\
# directory where xxxxxx is the windows user name

Modifications / additions and new feature requests can be posted in this thread.

Thanks to Mark Holland and Praveen Ambekar for help on this one.


Praveen 9th January 2002 20:46

Power Point Presentation of Scite for Baan
I have a created a power point presentation highlighting the different features of the new editor SCITE for baan. you can view the html version of the presentation at

Happy Colorful coding!!!

~Vamsi 22nd January 2002 23:28

Release 1.43 out
This release has a Baan specific problem that has been fixed. Previous versions would show incorrect call-tips once in a while:

for eg: would show call-tip for

The patch to fix this has been submitted by Praveen Ambekar.

Calltips in SciTE use the calltip.<lexer>.word.characters setting to correctly find calltips for functions that include characters like '$' which is not normally considered a word character.
The file in the download from matches more closely to one in this thread. The file on this site will continue to be the best version.

To see what all has changed point your browser to

Baxajaun 25th January 2002 08:51

How use SciTE with Xwindows client in Linux ?

how i can use SciTE with Baan Xwindows client in Linux ?


~Vamsi 29th January 2002 03:27

I have no experience with using the BX interface of Baan. But I will take a shot at it.

Install SciTE on the Baan server. Set your development parameters with the following values
Editor Read-Only Command: (name of scite executable)
Starting editor-on: Server

Editor Read/Write Command: (name of scite executable)
Starting editor-on: Server

Start a telnet session to the Baan server and export its display to the IP address of your Linux box. It may look like:

DISPLAY=xx.xx.xx.xx:0.0; export DISPLAY

Now you should probably be able to edit your scripts in SciTE.

I do not have a way of testing any of this. Someone please point errors in my methodology and/or come up with a better way of doing this.

ahulikavi 30th January 2002 07:26


I just installed SCite and have started using it, It great !, I was using TextPad with BaaN keywords file for syntax highlighting, but I find Scite better!

I have one question, what does the BaaN API file do?



~Vamsi 30th January 2002 21:08

Thank you Akshay for the positive feedback.

baan.api is required to achieve this functionality.

ahulikavi 1st February 2002 06:27

Unable to get calltips !

We are on IVc3 on Solaris2.6
I have installed SCite on win-95 clients, I'am unable to get calltips, am I Missing anything !!


Haggis 1st February 2002 17:19

Hi Vamsi

I have installed Scite on my local machine on Win NT and its working great. However the call tips don't work. I have unzipped the and the baan.api into the c:\wscite directory.

Is this the correct place for the api file?


mark_h 1st February 2002 17:33

Call Tips
I do not think the install directory makes a difference. When you setup baan to use this editor you tell it which directory has the executable. I searched both my properties files and the only thing I came across was:

Is everything else working? I haven't installed the new version yet. Are you editing a .bc or .cln file? Thought I would try a couple of guesses before ~Vamsi shows up and saves the day.:-)


Haggis 1st February 2002 17:38

Sorry I should have battled on a little longer before my post. The problem was the file. I had not modified it to point at the correct directory for Wscite.

I am sorted out now. Sorry for the silly post.


~Vamsi 1st February 2002 19:20

Knight in shining armour gallops ...
... in to the battle field only to find it fought and won without him :).

Akshay your problem is similar to Haggis'. I do not know into which directory "" goes into on a windows-95 machine. Try clicking on "Options...Open User Options File" in SciTE and it should tell you where it is expecting the path to be. Then copy the file from this site and edit it to meet your local settings.

E.Toniolo 4th February 2002 12:48

WScite baan configuration
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I have updated the baan.api file to include the syntax of the stpapi commands and I have improved the management of the syntax hilite adding all (I hope :-) ) Baan IV events.
Add also the WScite configuration that I am using and that he makes him very like to UltraEdit .

Emanuele Toniolo
Main Consulting S.r.l. (Italy)

~Vamsi 5th February 2002 03:20


Thank you for the stpapi commands. They are definitely a bonus to the baan.api file. But I am not in favour of changing the file. The reason for this is the difficulty of porting your changes across the various versions. A better file for doing the changes is Scite follows hierarchically for properities - just like Baan VRC :-) - global - local - user.

Also could you verify that you are using Scite ver 1.43 or above. From looking at your properties file I have a nagging doubt that you may be using a beta of Rel 1.41 or even earlier. The baan syntax-highlighting code officially became available in ver 1.42. And a error that seemed to affect baan.api not to return the correct function in the call-tip was fixed in ver 1.43.

ahulikavi 5th February 2002 05:52

Thanks !
Thanks Vamsi, Bullseye !!

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