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ailisee 15th December 2011 04:25

Configure link customized report to session
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I am linking my customized report (tfcmg126031000, VRC =B61C a txmp) to session "tfcmg1260m000", but when i print the report, it keep showing the standard report. Please guide on how to configure it?

refer to the attachment for details.

JaapJD 15th December 2011 15:45

Maybe you are running in the wrong package combination. Or you linked the report in another report group than the standard report.

rahul.kolhe22 24th February 2012 14:14


My understanding: You have customized a standard report by copying it to customized VRC.

According to screenshots you posted in excel, it seems you have two form commands "Transfer" & "Test Print".
On clicking "Transfer" report in customized VRC is printed.
On clicking "Test Print" report in standard VRC is printed.

According to me on clicking "Transfer" or "Test Print" if they invoke same report it should be picked up from only one VRC (i.e. either standard or customized depending on users package combination).

Can you please check if report invoked from the form commands are from different VRC.

Also can you provide information how you have linked report.

I would request the other members on board to please rectify me in case I am wrong.

Kind Regards,

ailisee 28th February 2012 11:25

I have tested again and found that it is actually calling the same customized report. The display is vary due to some business process logic.

Thanks for all your responses!

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