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Svidos29 14th May 2018 09:31

Non-SEPA (Extra-UE) Payments
Hi all,

a co-worker created for a customer 2 'layouts' of payments for UE and Extra UE, but for Extra-Ue bank are requiring some different filelds that are setted by default (for example SEPA changed in UGBP, ora Tag IBAN to be deleted)..
there is some standard dll or something that manage payments to extra ue in Infor ln ? Or it must be customized?

Thanks in advance.

pconde 6th June 2018 12:21


If you have already 2 layouts you sould have a look on the xml layout (session tccmg0524m000) ==> go to layouts lines (tfcmg0525s00) ==>detail (tfcmg0125s000) and elements (tfcmg0123m00): These elements refers to some field data : you can find the data selection in dll tfcmgdll1265.


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