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patvdv 18th September 2001 12:37

Style set: Ferrari Red
For those who are getting bored with the purple blue default colour of the message board, we added a flashy red style that you can try out. To change your colour scheme do the following:

Go to your User Control Panel (click the User CP button), then choose the page Edit Options, scroll down to the Style set option and choose Ferrari Red from the drop down list. Submit your modifications and voila!

To revert back the default colour scheme, change your user options again and submit the modifications.

pjohns 18th September 2001 16:05


patvdv 18th September 2001 16:39

Well, I am not twisting your arm to change your profile to use it. It was created on the request of some people (believe it or believe it not). Tastes differ!

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