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tracylee 25th March 2016 04:26

How to generate the Purchase Order No. with AFS

I want using AFS to insert data into Purchase Order. How can i use AFS to create the New Purchase Order and then insert all data into this New PO?

My data show as below:
Order Type : LOC
Series No. : CWH
Business Partner : SP001A
Reference A : Test A
Item : 123456
Quantity : 50 pcs

In LN system, the Purchase Order already until CWH000005.
So have any function for AFS to generate PO "CWH000006".

The running number need get it from First Free Number? Or AFS will auto detect the running number from First Free Number?

Please advise.

Ajesh 25th March 2016 05:56

You need to study the existing working when you try to create a new PO. Put the whole script into Debug, then see what specific actions are carried out while creation of a new PO. For example, if a certain dll is called to fill out the Purchase Order number then the same exact sequence of steps need to be replicated in the AFS.

soumya093 25th March 2016 16:37

You need to know the purchase cycle and all the validations.

mark_h 25th March 2016 21:35

Also search this forum and you might find code for what you are looking for. Typically I search by session name to see what others have done and the issues they have run into.

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