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Shikha Mehta 4th November 2008 07:36

pay rent on measuring instrument
Dear All ,
i want to pay rent for a measuring instrument that i am using as a service item . How i can map it in ERP LN.( service )

cyprus 31st March 2009 12:28

r u trying to mean that the service item which you have selected in service order line is taken on rent? could you please elaborate your requirment, we use service module to a good extent, may be i can help you out.

Sibaji Biswas 10th April 2009 14:22

Hi Shikha,
u raise a service order,keep only one Activity taking ur service item.U add ur rent in estimated others taking cost component type general cost.Do not keep any estimated material and estimated labor.Now complete the cycle. i think it will solve ur problem.

alex.bonutti 7th June 2017 11:02

Logistic transactions on rental orders
Dear all,
how about logistic transactions on rental orders? Property of rented items remains to the supplier, what is the best way to achieve that? Manually move items to customer-owned or supplier-owned warehouses? Are there some specific features to manage this topic via sales or service orders?

Best regards,

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