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kaukul 2nd January 2006 08:41

Temporary device file created in BaaN report printing
Hi all,

This is my first post in the BaaN forum.

I have one query regarding the temporary file that got created while running reports. When one of our users ran a customised session for report printing, the size of the temporary file that gets created in $BSE/tmp path increased upto 122 MB and just at the end of the report, the file size reduced to 0.8 MB (In device que, I checked the name of file in table ttaad320 corresponding to the report. The actual name of the file in ttaad320 was different. Please note that the actual file used in repeat request was a different file). In between the execution, the size of the file increased to such a high value and reduced to .8 MB.
It is obvious that this file was used by BaaN report for sorting and some other operations. Can anyone tell me why such a high size file is created ? Is there any alternative that a programmer can use to prevent creation of such high-size files in between ?

Markus Schmitz 2nd January 2006 10:39

Maybe "as prepared set"
Maybe you should adress this request to the developer forum to get a betteranswer. Anyway here my two bits:

a) You are right, the file is used by Baan for sorting etc.

b) It usually gets so large, if Baan sees itself forced to basically dump the complete table to get a consistent view on the data. This does not only create a huge file, but also slows down the whole thing.

Sometimes this is even enforced by the programmer, by using the "as prepared set" in the select statement. Some time ago, Baan advised programmers to use this statement to avoid the "Snapshot too old " error in baan together with Oracle. In my opinion this was a pretty stupid advise and there are other means around it.



Hitesh Shah 6th January 2006 18:17

big tmp files
This happens when there are sort fields and detail lines are not actually printed and after.field summary section is printed .

Alternative to this (though not recommended for performance considerations ) , is to summarising information program script only and do the rprt_send for summary information only.

A good long term solution would be to add hard disk space to tmp area and have trouble-free administration .

kaukul 9th January 2006 04:03

Thanks a lot
Thanks for your suggestions. I will make sure our development team gets these points.

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