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camdaddy 16th June 2003 20:37

upgrading from Baan 98.4 to iCRM 4.2
Anybody out there been involved in an upgrade from Baan 98.4 SP1 to iCRM 4.2?

This will involve upgrading servers from WNT to W2K.
Also involves upgrading from SQL 7 to SQL 2000.
Not to mention our current version of Baan is highly customized.

Any info would be appreciated.

joergm 8th July 2003 13:22

We did an upgrade from BFO 98.4 SP2 to iCRM 4.2.
Our BFO installation was highly customized (Database and
VBD Templates).

How can I help you?

PS one Question:
Why are you upgrading to 4.2 and not to 4.3? According to Baan
all known problems of 4.2 are fixed in 4.3 and 4.3 is faster.

camdaddy 8th July 2003 14:46

Upgrading from BFO SP1
Since posting the original message, I found that we would be upgrading to 4.3.

I was just trying to get some feedback on the effort required, problems encountered, things to watch out for, etc. when upgrading from a highly customized BFO. It has not yet been decided if we are doing the upgrade at this time, so I don't have any specific questions.

Any info would be appreciated.

joergm 8th July 2003 16:30

It is hardly possible to provide usefull information without having
an idea, what you are going to do. To migrate the database for
example you can Install a new Database, modify it with your customizations and migrate your data. Or you can modify your
customized database with the changes in 4.3 (we made it this
way, when we migrated to 4.2).

Different ways mean different problems.

In our case we needed about 4 weeks to migrate from 98.4SP2
to 4.2. One week we needed to modify the database scripts.
The other 3 weeks weeks we customized the VBDs.
We means two programmers.

If you have concrete questions, I will help you as good as I can.

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