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dkulikow 12th June 2014 21:32

Printing Slowness

I've read different threads on performance issues, but I'm not stumbling on anything like we are experience. Wondering if anyone has had the same issue.

At approximately 4:30 AM Saturday morning, our job scheduler jobs ran longer than usual. It seems to be print sessions and sessions that process and print (i.e. Direct Communicate). We have gone from minutes to hours.

We run these jobs on a separate PC where nothing else is running on it. I ran a couple of jobs on my PC this morning and it took equally as long. I haven't tried them all manually yet, but that is one of my next thoughts. We haven't loaded any new service packs or porting sets.

The only recent change is a change to the switch Baan is running on. I was told there were no issues with this switch and the issue had to be with the Baan app server or database. Both reside on the switch and aside from the link to the SLM server, we are not supposed to have anything else on the switch that could be causing any sort of network issues. Also, recent changes to DNS were made. Again, sys admin's are reporting that this should have no issues with the Baan system and/or job scheduler.

On Tuesday, we rebooted the database and app servers, as well as, the printer server. Just to refresh everything. We still have the same issues.

If anyone has had this specific issue, I'd love to understand what the issues were causing it.

Thanks in advance,

smusba 13th June 2015 17:21

Do You have problem only with this report?

bhushanchanda 13th June 2015 18:04


Have you checked your temp folder? Check if it is not full. Also one way to check the perforance is to use Profiler. That will give you an idea about how much time is consumed by each function in your script and the standard perocesses like print spooler etc.

Also, try printing the report for a smaller range to verify if there is no permission issue.

smusba 13th June 2015 19:19

Also you can recheck and if possible recreate indexing for these table. I had the similar issue for Release Outbound Advice once I recreated and repair the indices and restarted the server it was excellent. Also Bhushan advioce is very effective.

mark_h 15th June 2015 16:48

Personally if there were no baan changes, or changes on the servers - then I would get the network group involved and tracing thru the switch and out to the printer. To me it is obvious they changed something - be it DNS or the switch itself that caused the issue.

What about a simple windows print not involving baan at all? What about pings to print severs or printers?

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