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cs.vikash 14th July 2017 16:11

How to Write Text into LN from Process BOD
Hello Everyone,

How can I write text in LN from Process BOD? I have one table field of type text, for which I want to write text based on the text written by User in BOD.

Appreciate your help.


bhushanchanda 17th July 2017 10:55

Is the field a string field when coming from BOD?

If yes, then you may need to write the string to a text file and then use text.write() function to write the file data to the required field.

Some samples -

Thread 1

Thread 2
Thread 3

cs.vikash 8th August 2017 07:23

Thank you Bhushan. I managed to do this. Standard LN handles it automatically. Mistake I was doing was, there was some issue in field mapping which resolved the issue.


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