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EdwinvdBorg 26th July 2004 12:27

Hi Jeremy,

My intention is not to defend Microsoft, Cordys or BAAN.
In fact I do not care what particular standard(s) will become widely accepted by the market as leading. I am just observing the directions vendors of collaborative technologies are taking and as an independent I can only say this: Knowing what is going to be at stake in the market of collaborative technologies in the next few years I only find that discussions between BAAN and Cordys are marginal and peanuts.

BAAN with OWX never even made it to Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Cordys did but has to work on their ability to execute. Microsoft is so powerful that within five years from now we will only be discussing all that is going on between the two traditional sides: Microsoft and the rest of the vendors.

Do whatever you think is best for your client.
If you believe that right now BAAN OWX is the best solution for today, be my guest. However, I do not believe that is the solution for tomorrow and I believe that you as an independent are obliged to tell your client the full story. In the end they have to make the decision and need to know where the market is going before they start investing in particular technologies.



jeremyjohnson65 26th July 2004 14:10

Hi Edwin,

actually Baan and OWX were in the magic quadrant last year.....look at the integration one.....

EdwinvdBorg 26th July 2004 14:31

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks a lot for the info.
Are they in the MQ this year again? Or has the technology already become outdated?



Arend-Jan 28th July 2004 21:55

Edwin, NO mud please

OpenWorldX was last year in the Gartner MQ (Integrations). We are not in this years MQ, because we decided that with our IBM partnership we are in the right spot :p. Therefore we did not re-apply.

To come back to your statement. OpenWorldX is NOT outdated :p and provides together with IBM an even broader suite then ever :D . SSA/Baan is the only vendor that can provide a native integration towards Baan and other SSA products.


EdwinvdBorg 29th July 2004 10:09

Agreed, no mud.

Thanks a lot for your explanation.
Perhaps SSA/BAAN has to do a better job in communicating this info towards its existing and prospective customers. That is another weakness you guys still have. These are not my own words and by listening to the user community you can hear that too.

I will no longer add to this discussion as it still remains useless.
Good luck with your battles against Cordys.



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