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NPRao 14th May 2003 03:36

Client Info
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There have been few postings for the End-User Client Info, Operating System, BW version, Worktop Version, etc.

We have many end users at different sites, on and off our network. We faced issues with SMS push to upgrade the BW, Worktop installations and to some remote sites we had to send the installation CD for them to install.

I developed a small utility which is used by us and Technical Support Group to maintain an excel spreadsheet (for now, someday I will, enhance into a BaaN table) so that the Desktop Support guys can update their automatic SMS push programs for the listed desktops and also we can gather the info for troubleshooting.

Unattended Setup of BW

Client type

Finding bw client version on server

I am looking for an option to get the Worktop Version info which is not stored as a text file or does not show up on the console with command line options.

Does anyone have an idea how to read info from the Windows Registry by any command in DOS? :confused:

I am not sure if BaaN guys would like to build this kind of tool for customers.

Ivo Ladage 14th May 2003 09:27

Regarding the Worktop version; the version number is now stored in a file version.txt on the installation media. But unfortunately this file is not copied to the client where the product is installed.
If it would be of help for you I can change the installation media such that it does copy te file to the client and you could check the version from this text file. Only drawback is that it won't work for older Worktop versions...

Regards, Ivo

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