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royspk 16th August 2010 08:24

Mobile support from Baan
I would like to receive mobile alerts and sms generated from Baan to keep me posted.
How can I develop such a software?
Are there third party tools?
Thanks in advance,

blanchap 13th June 2011 19:53

If you can get your emails on your mobile, you can send an email from Baan using unix.


Neal Matthews 14th June 2011 12:48

We are based in the UK and use that service that allows us to generate E mails from Baan directly to the service provider. These are then forwarded onto peoples mobiles as SMS messages.

Let me know if you require more info.

Cheers Neal

Felipe_Saavedra 9th December 2011 19:36

We have a tool that will allow you to generate such alerts and then it will triger a mesage to your PDA. send me a email to provide you with more information.


Felipe Saavedra
felipe at

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