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patvdv 7th July 2006 02:04

Get your favorite Baanboard merchandise and gadgets now!
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Hi all,

As of today you can easily get the Baanboard t-shirt or mug you always wanted! Click on the Shop! link on the top of the page or else put the following address in your browser: :)

Many people have asked for t-shirts and other merchandise in the past and with the help of the very popular spreadshirt site, it is now a reality. They provide a full-feature shopping site/cart and for each sold product baanboard gets a small commission. Note that the actual production of goods, money handling and shipping is taken care of spreadshirt.

I'd like to hear feedback on this, good or bad, including comments on the offered products. There is always room for new ideas/products ;)

victor_cleto 7th July 2006 12:22

The thongs look fantastic :D

patvdv 7th July 2006 14:22

Yes, you can even have wild erotic nights now while thinking about Baanboard ;)

Paul P 10th July 2006 04:59

I'm probably asking for too much, but are we going to have polo shirt?


patvdv 10th July 2006 08:32

Hi Paul,

Let me check if that is possible and I will come back to that.

patvdv 11th July 2006 10:44

Hi Paul,

A fancy polo shirt is now available in the shop :) Let me know if you like it!

Paul P 14th July 2006 07:04

Cool! I don't mean to be picky customer, but BaanBoard is such a big force in Baan world that I wanna wear that polo shirt thing with pride. Beside something nice to wear, the polo shirt should also help "sell" BaanBoard to any Baan users/consultants I meet. So how about actually put a nicely stylised "BaanBoard" there too instead of just "BB" logo (so people know it's something to do with Baan). And since we exist solely in internet, how about putting the web address too "" somewhere, probably on the sleeves so it's not too crowded on the chest part. Sorry for making yet other requests, but I think the polo shirt should provide the aura of excellence that this board itself provides (my, what did I just say?)


patvdv 14th July 2006 22:22

Hi Paul,

I enjoy your enthousiasm :) Unfortunately, I am limited to how many designs and in locations I can put on the shirt. The URL on the sleeves is a good idea but not possible. I can however replace the current "bb" logo with the one that has "" written across it. Would that make it look better?

patvdv 21st July 2006 15:41

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Hi folks,

Some more stuff available now in the shop: poloshirts and lanyards!

Ravenscross 18th September 2006 10:48

Love it
I may just have to buy some stuff to wear on the golf course. It'd be nice to see some pics of people modelling the gear as well.... And no, the thongs were not the first things I thought of... oh well, okay... it was!
Sadly I now work in an industry that doesn't use Baan, I can't remember the last time I touched a Baan system. But I am sure that if I had the mug, no-one would touch it.

Paul P 20th September 2006 12:50

Hi, Pat,
Very sorry I missed your reply long ago. Yes, if it has written over the BB logo, then I'd like to order the blue polo shirt, please.

patvdv 20th September 2006 13:09

Hi Paul,

The ordering is fully self-service on the site so please have a look. You only need to add the shirt to your shopping basket and then proceed to the checkout. You can pay with any major credit or bank transfer.

When you get the shirt, you are very welcome to model it for us here with a nice photo :)

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