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Comic for May 24, 2019

Dilbert - May 25, 2019 - 12:59am
Categories: Geek

Google bots shut down Baltimore officials’ ransomware workaround Gmail accounts

Ars Technica - 36 min 54 sec ago

Enlarge / Oh, Baltimore. (credit: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images)

In the wake of the ransomware attack that has kept city networks and infrastructure shut down now for over two weeks, Baltimore officials—including the mayor and city council members—set up Google Gmail accounts as a backup communications channel. But earlier this week, Google's automated systems shut the accounts down, instructing the account holders to purchase a business account.

On May 23, a Google spokesperson said through the company's Twitter account, "We have restored access to the Gmail accounts for the Baltimore City officials. Our automated security systems disabled the accounts due to the bulk creation of multiple consumer Gmail accounts from the same network."

The problem could have been prevented if Baltimore City officials had set up a Google GSuite Government account (or even just a regular GSuite account) at $6 per user per month.

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Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI

BBC Technology News - 4 hours 22 min ago
Samsung makes a moving Mona Lisa from a single photo using AI technology.

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