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As a Customer What would do to keep your ERP Implementation intact
Proactively define Business Process-- Take the Project Ownership
Handover everything to System Integrator from drawing BP till implementation of ERP
Hire more inhouse skilled & capable IT Resource to work directly with SI
Rely on SI Architects/Consultants
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Comic for June 03, 2020

Dilbert - June 4, 2020 - 12:59am
Categories: Geek

Coronavirus: France's virus-tracing app 'off to a good start'

BBC Technology News - 3 hours 6 min ago
France's digital minister says 600,000 people installed the app in its first hours of release.

Doubt looms over hydroxychloroquine study that halted global trials

Ars Technica - 3 hours 35 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty)

The Lancet medical journal on Tuesday issued an “expression of concern” over the validity of a recent study suggesting that the anti-malarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine raise the risk of death and heart complications in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

More than a hundred researchers have raised questions and skepticism about the data and analysis, even as researchers halted clinical trials in light of the study's findings.

The two drugs at the center of the controversy have had a high profile during the pandemic, with many prominent figures—most notably President Donald Trump—promoting them as effective against COVID-19. On May 18, Trump even told reporters that he was taking the drugs himself to prevent infection from the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

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