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Comic for March 26, 2019

Dilbert - March 27, 2019 - 12:59am
Categories: Geek

EU parliament passes controversial copyright overhaul [updated]

Ars Technica - 1 hour 15 min ago

An EU flag at the European Parliament. (credit: European Parliament / Flickr)

Update: The European Parliament approved the new European copyright directive on Tuesday by a vote of 348 to 274. Our original story on the legislation follows.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament will vote on an overhaul of the EU's copyright system. The body will vote on a compromise announced last month that has received the backing of key European governments. An earlier version of the proposal was approved by the European Parliament last September.

The legislation is controversial, with two provisions receiving the bulk of the criticism. Article 11 aims to help news organizations collect more licensing fees from news aggregators like Facebook and Google News. Article 13 aims to help copyright holders to collect licensing fees from user-generated content platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

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Facebook, YouTube sued over Christchurch shootings video

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 36 min ago
A French Muslim group launches legal action over the way disturbing footage of the shootings was shared.

It’s unfortunate NASA canceled the all-female EVA, but it’s the right decision

Ars Technica - 1 hour 52 min ago

Enlarge / NASA astronaut Anne McClain needs to use a smaller spacesuit. (credit: NASA)

NASA announced on Monday afternoon that it had canceled a plan to have astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch perform the agency's first all-female spacewalk on Friday. The decision follows McClain's first spacewalk outside the International Space Station, which occurred last Friday, March 22.

"Mission managers decided to adjust the assignments, due in part to spacesuit availability on the station," the space agency said. "McClain learned during her first spacewalk that a medium-size hard upper torso—essentially the shirt of the spacesuit—fits her best. Because only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it."

Astronaut Nick Hague will suit up along with Koch this Friday to replace a set of batteries outside the station that store solar power for use when the station is in the Earth's shadow. This decision to replace McClain with Hague has raised a number of questions, including some conspiracy theories that NASA is incompetent or misogynistic. Neither of these is true, although the space agency does have a problem with its spacesuit inventory and future procurement plans. Let's dig into some of the questions raised here.

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