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Comic for June 16, 2019

Dilbert - June 17, 2019 - 12:59am
Categories: Geek

Star Trek Logo Spotted On Mars

Slashdot - 11 min 50 sec ago
Categories: Geek, Opinion

After June fires, energy group says hydrogen is future’s fuel

Ars Technica - 3 hours 56 min ago

Enlarge / A hydrogen filling station. (credit: Peter Gercke/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Hydrogen fuel facilities experienced two fires this month in Santa Clara, Calif., and in Norway. But despite these setbacks, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report on Friday saying that the fuel is an important potential part of a low-carbon future.

The first fire in Santa Clara happened on Saturday, June 1 at a hydrogen reforming facility run by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. No one was injured, but according to the Silicon Valley Voice, multiple hydrogen tanker trucks caught fire. The fire was extinguished a little over an hour after the firefighters arrived on the scene.

After the fire was put out, Santa Clara Fire Department Battalion Chief Drew Miller told the press that “a hydrogen tanker truck was being fueled and a leak occurred," adding, "when the shutdown of the tanker truck that was being fueled occurred, an explosion resulted."

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KDE Plasma 5.16 Released

Slashdot - 4 hours 41 min ago
Categories: Geek, Opinion

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