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Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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'Santa Clarita Diet' season 2 now on Netflix - CNET - News - 9 hours 13 min ago
The dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant returns for a 10-episode run.

Tiangong-1 re-entry window shrinks: duck from March 30 to April 3

The Register - 10 hours 46 min ago
Radar imaging shows Chinese space station is still intact

Video Boffins have refined their estimates of when Chinese space station Tiangong-1 will return to Earth, with the big bird's impact now predicted to happen between March 30 and April 3.…

US Congress quietly slips cloud-spying powers into page 2,201 of spending mega-bill

The Register - 11 hours 31 min ago
House OKs crippling email privacy, Senate stalled by Paul

For months now, US Congress has mulled new laws to strengthen Feds' powers to access American citizens' private messages and files stored on computers overseas.…

Disney yanks rumored 'Last Jedi' royal stormtrooper clip - CNET - News - 11 hours 45 min ago
It's a royal bummer for those who were hoping to spot Prince William and Prince Harry in a deleted Star Wars clip that briefly circulated.

DOJ says AT&T-Time Warner merger will raise pay-TV prices - CNET - News - 11 hours 49 min ago
In the trial to block AT&T’s $85 billion merger with Time Warner, the government argues in its opening statement that consumers will pay more for TV if the deal goes through.

Anglerfish mating looks like deep-sea nightmare in rare video - CNET - News - 11 hours 52 min ago
Watch the first-ever footage of anglerfish engaged in their violently gruesome mating ritual. "It was really a shocker for me," one scientist says of the footage.

Dodo, Commander, iPrimus are very sorry about 100/40 NBN plans

The Register - 11 hours 58 min ago
Regulator secured refund/exit deals for 16,000 unhappy customers this week

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's push-back against internet service providers making over overly-optimistic download speed claims on the national broadband network has seen Dodo, iPrimus and Commander agree to refund their customers.…

Mozilla Pulls Advertising from Facebook

Slashdot - 11 hours 58 min ago
Categories: Geek, Opinion

Data collection fears after Cambridge Analytica claims

BBC Technology News - 12 hours 5 min ago
Political data-mining found its feet with the Obama campaign in 2008 and kept growing with Clinton, Trump and Brexit campaigns says Jamie Bartlett,

'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Review: A Big, Loud Movie That Needs Guillermo del Toro

Wired - 12 hours 21 min ago
For all its scale and sound, the kaiju sequel packs none of the punch of the 2013 original.

Prez Trump's $60bn China tariff plan to hit tech, communications, aerospace industries

The Register - 12 hours 22 min ago
Good thing we have all those chip fabs and assembly plants stateside

US President Donald Trump's planned tariffs on goods imported into America from China could hit the tech industry – and ergo, you the customer – particularly hard.…

How DNA can be used to store computer data

BBC Technology News - 12 hours 45 min ago
British scientists think DNA could be used to solve a global problem - where to store all our data.

Facebook’s New Data Restrictions Will Handcuff Even Honest Researchers

Wired - 12 hours 48 min ago
It was already hard for researchers to use Facebook's data. It looks like it's about to get harder.

Human-eye VR

BBC Technology News - 12 hours 56 min ago
VR has suffered from an image problem, so could very high resolution headsets be the answer?

Comic for March 22, 2018

Dilbert - 13 hours 13 min ago
Categories: Geek

Cambridge Analytica breach results in lawsuits filed by angry Facebook users

Ars Technica - 13 hours 17 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Sergei Konkov / TASS / Getty Images)

In the wake of the ongoing Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook has now been sued in federal court in San Francisco and San Jose. These new cases claim violations of federal securities laws, unfair competition, and negligence, among other allegations.

The pair of cases stem from recent revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a British data firm that contracted with the Donald Trump presidential campaign, retained private data from 50 million Facebook users despite claiming to have deleted it. New reporting on Cambridge Analytica has spurred massive public outcry from users and politicians with CEO Mark Zuckerberg calling it a "breach of trust."

These two cases, which were filed on March 20, could be just the first among what could be a coming wave of similar lawsuits.

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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica face lawsuit over privacy loss - CNET - News - 13 hours 24 min ago
Maryland resident Lauren Price has sued over the handling of her personal information. The case could become a class action.

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