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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
Total votes: 44

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Jeep Cherokee is the 'most American' car on American-made index - Roadshow - News - 2 hours 7 min ago
The Camry is once again nowhere to be found.

Norwegian tourist board says it can't a-fjord the bad publicity from 'Land of Chlamydia' posters

The Register - 2 hours 7 min ago
No claps for you: Marketing director slams condom ad

An ad campaign branding Norway the "Land of Chlamydia" has been slapped down by tourist bosses.…

This Halter ED-600 adjustable sit-stand desk has never been cheaper: $110 - CNET - News - 2 hours 10 min ago
Plus: A totally free Beach Boys album, a nearly free Steam Link and a sweet deal on a Monoprice amp.

World Cup sees Google Translate use within Russia jump 30% - CNET - News - 2 hours 19 min ago
The most popular queries include "world cup," "stadium" and "beer."

Sinemia preempts MoviePass with family-plan subscriptions from $9 per month - CNET - News - 2 hours 21 min ago
None of them cost more than $5 per ticket per person.

YouTube now lets you pay $4.99 per month to support your favorite creators [Update]

Ars Technica - 2 hours 22 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino)

At this year's VidCon festival, YouTube debuted new ways for creators to make money on its platform. Most YouTube creators make a profit through ad revenue, but they'll now have Channel Memberships and Merchandise features to bolster their income—if they pass specific subscriber thresholds.

Channel Memberships is a rebrand of Subscriptions, a feature that had been tested out by select creators for a while. Channel Memberships allow viewers to pay $4.99 per month to support each of their favorite creators. In return, those members get special badges and emoji, members-only posts in the Community tab, and unique perks offered by creators themselves such as exclusive livestreams, extra videos, and more. Not all creators can make use of Channel Memberships—only those with over 100,000 subscribers can.


Merchandise is exactly what it sounds like—merchandise that creators can customize and feature on a digital "shelf" on their YouTube channel. The company partnered with Teespring to bring over 20 pieces of merchandise that US-based creators can make their own and sell to their viewers. The threshold for Merchandise is lower than that of Channel Memberships, as those with over 10,000 subscribers can design and sell their own shirts and other items.

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Google Measure update adds ARCore Android phone compatibility - CNET - News - 2 hours 45 min ago
The app now works with Google's Pixel 2 and Samsung's Galaxy S9.

VW Bonneville Jetta set to conquer the salt flats at over 200 mph - Roadshow - News - 2 hours 46 min ago
The company will campaign a 2019 Jetta with a bigger turbocharged engine under the hood, in the hopes of breaking that two century mark.

'Driver' of autonomous Uber was watching Hulu during fatal Arizona crash - Roadshow - News - 3 hours 4 min ago
Rafaela Vasquez, the assigned driver of Uber's prototype, self-driving Volvo XC90, could face a charge of vehicular manslaughter for driving while distracted.

2019 Chevy Blazer: the return of a legendary SUV - Roadshow - News - 3 hours 11 min ago
New Blazer adds some needed style to the Chevrolet crossover SUV lineup.

Why the 'feudal' tech monopolies run rings around competition watchdogs

The Register - 3 hours 15 min ago
Rather than break up Google, can we try owning our data?

Interview Competition watchdogs need to move faster and consider the bigger picture to deal effectively with transnational tech behemoths like Google, says BT's former chief lawyer.…

My past life as a projectionist: How robots took my job - CNET - News - 3 hours 27 min ago
Commentary: I’m 25 and already my job has been stolen by machines.

Google Doodle marks hospice pioneer Dame Cicely Saunders' 100th birthday - CNET - News - 3 hours 38 min ago
Saunders founded the first modern hospice in 1967.

Buttonless and port-free: Expect the next iPhone to be as smooth as a baby's bum

The Register - 3 hours 41 min ago
Wot? No Lightning?

Apple prompted complaints when it removed the 3.5mm audio port from iPhones in 2016. Expect future models to be even more radical.…

This VW Jetta is stripped down and seriously fast - Roadshow - News - 3 hours 46 min ago
The Bonneville Jetta is out to break some speed records.

Amazon staffers protest firm's 'support of the surveillance state'

The Register - 4 hours 14 min ago
Letter to Bezos: 'We refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights'

Amazon workers have reportedly called on their bosses to stop selling facial recognition kit to cops and spies, and slammed its links to data analytics biz Palantir.…

Facebook launches Messenger Kids in Peru and Canada - CNET - News - 4 hours 17 min ago
The chat app, which has drawn criticism from child advocacy groups, is going international.

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