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Biting the hand that feeds IT
Updated: 54 min 10 sec ago

Transaction Processing Performance Council to deliver AI benchmark

1 hour 9 min ago
GPU-makers aren't members of the TPC. Will they join?

The Transaction Processing Performance Council has decided the world needs a benchmark for systems running artificial intelligence workloads.…

'Suspicious' BGP event routed big traffic sites through Russia

1 hour 37 min ago
Google, Facebook and Microsoft routed through PutinGrad, for no good reason

A Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing incident saw a bunch of high-profile Internet destinations mis-routed through Russia on Tuesday, US time.…

One per cent of all web sites probably p0wned each year, say boffins

2 hours 11 min ago
Automated account-creator used bad passwords to detect when sites go bad

Researchers working on a technology to detect unannounced data breaches have found, to their dismay, that one per cent of the sites they monitored were hacked over the previous 18 months.…

Up to 'ONE BEEELLION' vid-stream gawpers toil in crypto-coin mines

2 hours 37 min ago
Come for the free movies, stay to dig Monero for a stranger

Security experts claim four extremely popular video-streaming websites have been secretly loaded with crypto-currency-crafting code.…

NASA says New Horizons' next stop might have a moon

3 hours 36 min ago
Remember that 747 with an open door and a telescope? It spotted a moon-esque blip

NASA's hypothesised that MU69, the Kuiper Belt object that is the New Horizons probe's next destination, has a moon.…

Lights, camera, 802.11ax-ion!

4 hours 37 min ago
Marvell claims it'll have the first chipsets for new 10G WiFi ready for products in H2 2018

Chip-maker Marvell has claimed it will be the first to offer WiFi chipsets that bring the 802.11ax standard to the world.…

India sets up second new CERT in a year, this time for government

5 hours 38 min ago
Seeing as India has biometric national ID, this seems like a pretty sensible idea

India's decided it needs a third computer emergency response team, to protect government digital services.…

SEC sends ICO for restaurant app Munchee back to the kitchen

6 hours 41 min ago
Rules that offering was a cryptocurrency speculation, not real attempt to fund app

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has intervened to stop an initial coin offering (ICO) that attempted to raise US$15m for a restaurant review app named "Munchee".…

Put down the eggnog, it's Patch Tuesday: Fix Windows boxes ASAP

7 hours 26 min ago
IE haunted by ghosts of past bugs – plus remote-code exec holes that'll chill your blood

Microsoft has kicked out its December batch of software security fixes, the final Patch Tuesday of 2017.…

Intel to slap hardware lock on Management Engine code to thwart downgrade attacks

7 hours 49 min ago
From version 12 onward, ME-equipped chips will defend against patch rollbacks

Intel's Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake x86 processors can be fortified by computer manufacturers to prevent in hardware attempts to downgrade, exploit and potentially neuter Chipzilla's built-in creepy Management Engine.…

I, Robot? Aiiiee, ROBOT! RSA TLS crypto attack pwns Facebook, PayPal, 27 of 100 top domains

8 hours 36 min ago
Two-decade-old hole lets hackers unlock encrypted data

A 19-year-old vulnerability in the TLS network security protocol has been found in the software of at least eight IT vendors and open-source projects – and the bug could allow an attacker to decrypt encrypted communications.…

Flash bang walloped: Toshiba, Western Digital sign peace treaty over memory chip fabs

9 hours 4 min ago
Dare we say it... Tosh won

A peace has broken out between Western Digital and Toshiba over the future of their solid-state-memory factory joint-ventures.…

Tenable's response to folks upset at AWOL features: A 150-emails-a-minute spam storm

9 hours 44 min ago
Nessus Pro V7 launch fiasco

Tenable Security has given itself two problems, by releasing a product its users don't like, and then adding them all to a support email group that's sending uncomfortable volumes of messages.…

Kaspersky dragged into US govt's trashcan as weaponized blockchain agile devops mulled

December 12, 2017 - 11:25pm
Trump signs defense law with No Eugenes clause, Kaspersky weighs options

Updated President Donald Trump has signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018, which includes a ban on products from Kaspersky Lab running in US government agencies.…

NSW TAFE's IT FAIL was so bad, 100 staff were hired to clean up

December 12, 2017 - 11:11pm
And they cost $AU6m, on top of $89m for a replacement

New South Wales TAFE's failed IT project will be a millstone around the organisation's neck for years, the state's Auditor-General warned yesterday.…

What network neutrality madness has happened today? Take a big breath

December 12, 2017 - 10:37pm
And we'll explain: Epic trolling, online pressure, window-dressing, serious wonk writing

It may have escaped your notice but America's broadband watchdog, the FCC, will vote on Thursday on a provision that would effectively undermine net neutrality protections in the US. People are – and this may shock you – not happy about it.…

Argy-bargy Argies barge into Starbucks Wi-Fi with alt-coin discharges

December 12, 2017 - 9:34pm
Venti vanilla skinny latte with sprinkles of JavaScript and a side of Monero mining, please

Starbucks has joined the long growing list of organizations that have inadvertently and silently mined alt-coins on customers' computers for mystery miscreants.…

America's drone owner database is baaaack! Just in time for Xmas

December 12, 2017 - 8:45pm
President Trump green-lights gizmo regulations that overrule federal judge

Fellow Americans: if you receive a drone as a Christmas gift this year, you will probably have to register it with the US federal government.…

Xcellis: From 'gateway' for NAS dabblers to pusher of hardcore scale-out NAS boxen

December 12, 2017 - 8:43pm
Quantum claims to node its new stuff totally dunks on rival

Quantum has announced an Xcellis scale-out NAS system, claiming performance is three times better than the next-best competing NAS system.…

New battery boffinry could 'triple range' of electric vehicles

December 12, 2017 - 6:58pm
Scientists create self-applying membrane to protect cell

A new battery designed at the University of Waterloo in Ontario could triple the range of electric vehicles, a new paper has claimed.…

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