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Installation Wizard into new VRC
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Manual into new VRC
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Industry & Technology

Patch on way 'this week' for HP printer vulns

The Register - 36 min 9 sec ago
RCE? Check. Clear passwords? Check. Interfere with print jobs? Check

Sysadmins have been advised to watch for a coming HP printer firmware update that will plug a remote code execution vulnerability (among others) in its MFP-586 and the M553 printers.…

Flash, Sam, wallop: Samsung crashes ahead as top NAND chip flinger

The Register - 58 min 7 sec ago
According to these here estimates, anyway

Samsung increased its market share in the NAND supply world in the third quarter of the year, analysts reckon. According to TrendForce's latest estimates, the suppliers' overall flash shipments for Q3 2017 looked like this:…

AT&T wants to bin 100,000 routers, replace them with white boxes

The Register - 2 hours 8 min ago
Carrier tries to speed networking innovation with 'Disaggregated Network Operating System'

AT&T has launched an audacious attempt to push the networking industry towards software-defined networking and white-box hardware.…

Marvell and Cavium do the deed, vow to breed infra-monster

The Register - 3 hours 3 min ago
Six billion bucks does the trick, now let's see what kind of kit they build together

The rumours were right: Marvell has formally announced it will buy Cavium, for around six billion US dollars, and plans to emerge as an “Infrastructure Solutions Powerhouse”.…

More than half of GitHub is duplicate code, researchers find

The Register - 4 hours 9 min ago
Boffins beware: random samples are therefore useless for research

Given that code sharing is a big part of the GitHub mission, it should come at no surprise that the platform stores a lot of duplicated code: 70 per cent, a study has found.…

FanDuel CEO, co-founder Eccles leaves fantasy sports site - CNET - News - 4 hours 19 min ago
Shake-up comes five months after failed merger with rival DraftKings.

Windows 8 broke Microsoft's memory randomisation

The Register - 5 hours 4 min ago
The problem's still there in Windows 10, so prepare for code re-use attacks

A Carnegie-Mellon CERT researcher has discovered the Microsoft broke some use-cases for its Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR), designed to block code-reuse attacks.…

Apple's Siri doesn't really want to talk about HomePod - CNET - News - 5 hours 50 min ago
Commentary: Apple announces its smart speaker will be delayed. Can Siri throw any light upon that? I asked her.

FCC chief said to reveal net neutrality repeal plan Tuesday - CNET - News - 5 hours 55 min ago
A new plan for dismantling Obama-era regulations could be unveiled Tuesday, according to a report.

Amazon launches Secret Region – so secret it's endorsed by the CIA

The Register - 6 hours 2 min ago
The rest of us just get a 0.04% improvement in EC2 reliability, to a guaranteed 99.99%

Amazon Web Services has launched a Secret Region – which we know about because the CIA has endorsed it.…

AT&T-Time Warner in jeopardy as DOJ blocks deal - CNET - News - 6 hours 45 min ago
The Department of Justice cites antitrust concerns.

AT&T insists it's not sweating US govt block of Time-Warner gobble

The Register - 7 hours 8 min ago
'We don't care, in fact look at this letter about how little we care. Really. Please look at it'

AT&T says it is not worried about the possibility of a US government lawsuit derailing its attempts to acquire Time-Warner.…

Power ranger

BBC Technology News - 7 hours 9 min ago
As the world moves towards low-carbon electric cars, how are we going to power them all?

TCL S305 series Roku TV (2017) review - CNET - Reviews - 7 hours 31 min ago
With the TCL S305 series you're not paying extra for 4K resolution you can't see, or extras you'll never use. It's just a great streaming set for smaller rooms.

Samsung WF45M5500AZ review - CNET - Reviews - 7 hours 36 min ago
Samsung's $999 WF45M5500AZ front-load washing machine cleans well -- and looks good doing it.

If you liked the Cambrian Explosion, you’ll love the Ordovician Radiation

Ars Technica - 8 hours 41 sec ago

Enlarge / During the Ordovician, life was literally great. Multicellular plants and animals diversified and moved into ecological niches throughout the globe. This is probably what it was like on a typical Ordovician day, hanging out with cephalopods, crinoids, and coral at the edge of a supercontinent that covered the South Pole. I think a colony of graptolites is floating in the distance. (credit: Fritz Geller-Grimm)

Over half a billion years ago, during the Cambrian geological period, life on Earth started to get a lot more interesting. Thanks to the rise in free oxygen generated mostly by photosynthesizing algae, lifeforms could draw much more energy out of the environment. That meant the rise of multicellularity and the beginnings of a world full of the macro-sized plants and animals we know and love. That moment, full of weird-ass animals like Anomalocaris, is called the Cambrian Explosion.

The Cambrian Explosion gets a lot of play because it was the first time multicellular creatures ruled the planet. What few people (other than geologists and paleontologists) realize is that there was an even crazier time for early life. It came during the Ordovician period, right after the Cambrian came to a close 485 million years ago. The Ordovician Radiation, also called the Great Ordovician Diversification Event (GOBE), saw a quadrupling of diversity at the genus level (that's the category one step above species). Life also started occupying new ecological niches, clinging to plants floating in the ocean's water column and burrowing deep into the seabed.

Like the Cambrian, the Ordovician was a period when all of life still existed underwater. Most of the continents had formed a supercontinent called Gondwana over the south pole, creating the largest tropical coastline in our planet's history. (There were no polar ice caps during this period.) The warm coastal waters surrounding Gondwana were perfect for new kinds of animals, like brachiopods, crinoids, ostracodes, cephalopods, corals, and bryozoans. Plus, everybody's favorite Cambrian animal, the trilobite, diversified like crazy and moved into many new habitats during this time.

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Tech Turkeys 2017: The lowest points in tech this year - CNET - News - 8 hours 6 min ago
A list of the low points and most embarrassing moments in tech this year.

Intel finds critical holes in secret Management Engine hidden in tons of desktop, server chipsets

The Register - 8 hours 12 min ago
Bugs can be exploited to extract info, potentially insert rootkits

Intel today admitted its Management Engine (ME), Server Platform Services (SPS), and Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) are vulnerable to multiple worrying security flaws, based on the findings of external security experts.…

NASA: Mars' strange streaks might not be water after all - CNET - News - 8 hours 17 min ago
New research suggests another possible origin for mysterious, recurring streaks in the Martian landscape.

Black Friday smart home deals to help you connect the halls - CNET - News - 8 hours 19 min ago
It's not just TVs -- Black Friday is a great time to score a bargain on smart home gadgets, too. Here are all of the deals we're tracking.

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