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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Uber driver streamed hidden camera videos on Twitch

BBC Technology News - 22 min 49 sec ago
Uber and Lyft suspend a driver who live-streamed videos of his passengers without their knowledge.

If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping

The Register - 45 min 32 sec ago
Huawei to slam the door after today

The European Commission made the phrase "Android forks" a household word last week. But developers who wish to create and popularise their Android forks have just found the job got harder.…

Sign-language hack lets Amazon Alexa respond to gestures

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 43 sec ago
A prototype uses an artificial intelligence system that can interpret hand movements.

DXC CEO confirms boss of its field-based techies is OUT

The Register - 1 hour 8 min ago
Steve Hilton exit suddenly confirmed on 21 July, new boss in situ on 23 July

Exclusive Frankenfirm DXC Technologies over the weekend abruptly announced the immediate departure of Steve Hilton, the exec veep that ran the Global Delivery Organisation, and confirmed his temporary replacement.…

Astronaut jams with Kraftwerk live in concert from space - CNET - News - 2 hours 22 min ago
The electronica music legends play music via satellite with German astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station.

ZTE shares rise nearly 4 percent after US politicians opt against sanctions - CNET - News - 2 hours 32 min ago
The Chinese telecom company continues its recovery from the crippling ban.

IBM wants everyone to marvel at the size of its Strategic Imperatives

The Register - 2 hours 38 min ago
But Wall St thinks mainframe is what's perking up numbers

The latest financial headlines emitted by the faltering enterprise juggernaut that is IBM indicate that its years-long efforts to turn a corner might be paying off, though not everyone on Wall Street agrees.…

Serverless Computing: Building it, managing it, developing it

The Register - 3 hours 14 min ago
And saving on it…

Our earlybird ticket offer for Serverless Computing expires in just a few weeks, so if you want to get on top of the next generation of cloud, and keep a few hundred quid in your pocket to boot, the time to act is now.…

2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance first drive review: The future, quicker - Roadshow - Reviews - 3 hours 24 min ago
A second motor does little to change the Tesla Model 3’s demeanor -- until you step on it.

Singapore's first 5G pilot network to launch by Q4 - CNET - News - 3 hours 30 min ago
It will be run by local carrier Singtel, who will be tapping on Ericsson's tech for the trial.

How much do you think Cisco's paying erstwhile Brit PM David Cameron?

The Register - 3 hours 38 min ago
He's set to headline networking kit firm's CIO golf-a-thon

Fearless scarperer-in-chief David Cameron is all set to dispense nuggets of Brexit wisdom to Cisco's October CIO conference – making us wonder how much he's earning for the stunt.…

Sysadmin sank IBM mainframe by going one VM too deep

The Register - 4 hours 19 min ago
Tried to blame it on a bug, but logs don't lie

Who, me? Welcome to another glimpse inside the dark-curtained (in)box that is "Who, me?" – El Reg's confessional column in which readers seek penance for sins of the past.…

Full-fibre broadband pledge for new homes

BBC Technology News - 5 hours 11 sec ago
All of the UK will have full-fibre broadband coverage by 2033 under a new national telecoms strategy.

Zephyr solar plane will stay in sky for 120 days

BBC Technology News - 5 hours 4 min ago
Airbus is developing a plane powered by solar energy.

Engineers, coders – it's down to you to prevent AI being weaponised

The Register - 5 hours 23 min ago
Grunts already refer to drone kills as 'bugsplats' – machine learning cares less

Comment Debate has raged for months over various internet giants' forays into providing next-generation technology for war.…

Uber driver suspended after live-streaming passengers on Twitch - CNET - News - 6 hours 26 min ago
A St. Louis ride-share driver reportedly streamed around 700 Uber and Lyft rides to Twitch without passengers' consent.

Detroit Auto Show officially moves to June in 2020 - Roadshow - News - 7 hours 37 min ago
The 2020 North American International Auto Show will be held the week of June 8th.

Disney urged to rehire James Gunn by celebrities and fan petitions - CNET - News - 8 hours 27 min ago
The Guardians of the Galaxy director was fired on July 20 for controversial tweets sent between 2009 and 2012.

All the best cosplay from Comic-Con 2018 - CNET - News - 8 hours 48 min ago
Cosplayers gather once more in San Diego to bring to life their favorite characters from pop culture. See some of the most impressive costumes.

See the best geek couture to hit the Comic-Con 2018 catwalk - CNET - News - 9 hours 45 min ago
Sashay down the Her Universe fashion show runway with us, and meet the winners of the contest who'll create an Avengers 4 collection for 2019.

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