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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Snapchat to end Snapcash payment system amid fierce competition - CNET - News - 1 hour 20 min ago
The peer-to-peer transfer service will reportedly be discontinued at the end of August.

UK spies broke law for 15 years, but what can you do? shrugs judge

The Register - 1 hour 22 min ago
Appeal against my latest judgment? Oh wait, you can't!

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal has re-ruled that GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 engaged in indiscriminate and illegal bulk cable-tapping surveillance for 15 years – and has once again refused to do anything about it.…

Google Chrome: HTTPS by default D-Day is tomorrow, folks

The Register - 1 hour 25 min ago
On Tues, you lose... if you're not encrypted

Google Chrome users who visit unencrypted websites will be confronted with warnings from tomorrow.…

Chrome's HTTP warning seeks to cut web surveillance, tampering - CNET - News - 1 hour 31 min ago
FAQ: Starting Tuesday, you're going to see a rash of "not secure" warnings thanks to a new version of the Google browser that flags unencrypted sites.

Now witness the firepower of this fully operational Falcon 9 rocket

Ars Technica - 1 hour 38 min ago

Enlarge / All five major versions of the Falcon 9 rocket, side by side. (credit: Trevor Mahlmann)

The Falcon 9 rocket has undergone four major revisions over the last eight years, culminating in the Block 5 rocket. The initial expendable version of the rocket (v1.0) could lift about 10.5 tons to low-Earth orbit. This was a nice, tidy rocket but hardly a superstar.

However, one of the defining features of SpaceX is the company's ruthless devotion to innovation. And while it may be reasonable to criticize the company for moving too far too quickly and with not quite enough focus on the here and now—when the culture of innovation works, it works.

In just eight years, SpaceX has jumped from the first version of its rocket to the Block 5 rocket. This powerful rocket can lift nearly 23 tons to low-Earth orbit, having undergone hundreds of changes and upgrades since its initial flight. Theoretically, its first stage will be capable of 10 flights before requiring significant refurbishment. It is so capable that even company founder Elon Musk (the high minister of the culture of innovation at SpaceX) says it's good enough. This is probably the last major revision of the Falcon 9.

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New Alita: Battle Angel trailer dropping today - CNET - News - 1 hour 40 min ago
James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are answering your questions live from San Diego.

Hyperloop test pod sets speed record

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 43 min ago
German engineering students set a record as their pod hits 457km/h in a hyperloop tunnel test.

Uber driver streamed hidden camera videos on Twitch

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 57 min ago
Uber and Lyft suspend a driver who live-streamed videos of his passengers without their knowledge.

Sony reveals world's highest-resolution phone-camera image sensor - CNET - News - 1 hour 58 min ago
The IMX586 will feature 48 effective megapixels.

7 things I learned at my first Comic-Con - CNET - News - 1 hour 58 min ago
After years of watching from afar, I finally immersed myself in the biggest center of geekdom on Earth: San Diego Comic-Con.

DC wins Comic-Con 2018 thanks to epic Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman teases - CNET - News - 1 hour 58 min ago
No Marvel, no problem as a slew of other franchises vie for geek spotlight in San Diego.

Voltron is the Netflix hidden gem you should be watching - CNET - News - 1 hour 58 min ago
Adults may dismiss Voltron as simply a kid's show. It's so much more.

Behind the scenes at Misty Robotics - CNET - News - 1 hour 58 min ago
We go inside the headquarters of Misty Robotics in Boulder, Colorado to see how the company is building home robots.

The KitchenAid stand mixer: How color, cake and nostalgia made an American icon - CNET - News - 1 hour 59 min ago
These countertop appliances have made baking easier for nearly 100 years. But a mix of smart marketing, a strong reputation and happy memories that have made the KitchenAid stand mixer an icon.

Misty the adorable robot just wants to be your friend - CNET - News - 1 hour 59 min ago
It's much more than Alexa on wheels.

Qualcomm's new chips fix a major problem for 5G phones - CNET - News - 2 hours 7 min ago
The chipmaker has managed to shrink its superfast network technology down enough to fit in smartphones.

If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping

The Register - 2 hours 20 min ago
Huawei to slam the door after today

The European Commission made the phrase "Android forks" a household word last week. But developers who wish to create and popularise their Android forks have just found the job got harder.…

Sign-language hack lets Amazon Alexa respond to gestures

BBC Technology News - 2 hours 35 min ago
A prototype uses an artificial intelligence system that can interpret hand movements.

DXC CEO confirms boss of its field-based techies is OUT

The Register - 2 hours 43 min ago
Steve Hilton exit suddenly confirmed on 21 July, new boss in situ on 23 July

Exclusive Frankenfirm DXC Technologies over the weekend abruptly announced the immediate departure of Steve Hilton, the exec veep that ran the Global Delivery Organisation, and confirmed his temporary replacement.…

Wu-Tang Clan's GZA shows his genius in Liquid Science on Netflix - CNET - News - 2 hours 59 min ago
Science rules everything around me.

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