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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Industry & Technology

Razer Nommo Chroma Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - 9 hours 47 min ago
The unusual Razer Nommo Chroma desktop speakers pack a surprising punch of audio and color.

'#WarGames' Is a Unique, Interactive Revival of the '80s Movie

Wired - 9 hours 47 min ago
The "interactive television" experience harkens back to a weird, stitched-together, decades-old videogame genre.

Winter tires 101: “An all-season is only an all-season if you live in Phoenix”

Ars Technica - 10 hours 17 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Popular Science/Getty Images)

Let's just start with the big takeaway: as a general rule, if you drive someplace where the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (seven degrees Centigrade) with any regularity in the winter, you should put winter tires on your car.

Modern cars pack in so much safety technology—traction control, all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and all the rest—that it's easy to forget only one thing is truly keeping you from plowing into a guard rail or the car in front of you: a four-inch-by-four-inch bit of rubber called a "contact patch,” essentially the small bit of the tire that’s in contact with the road at a given time.

The grip provided by your tires makes everything happen in a car, from accelerating to braking to turning. Increase the grip, and you can do all of those things better. Decrease the grip, and you'll end up using much more pavement than you planned—that is, if you can stop at all.

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UK's London Gatwick Airport boasts of driverless vehicle trial

The Register - 10 hours 20 min ago
On the ground... and for staff only, that is

London Gatwick Airport in the UK has declared that it is trialling autonomous cars for moving staff around the airfield.…

Oppo's R15 features, yep, an iPhone-esque top notch - CNET - News - 10 hours 24 min ago
The company has a history of mooching Apple's designs -- but it also has a history of making great phones. The newest one will be available from April.

Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy, staff can break silence - CNET - News - 10 hours 24 min ago
The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements may see more women share sexual harassment claims by Harvey Weinstein after his ex-company ends non-disclosure agreements.

Sociologists Examine Hackathons and See Exploitation

Wired - 10 hours 47 min ago
A study finds that hackathon sponsors take advantage of free labor to create "fictional expectations of innovation that benefits all."

Medicare Now Covers Genetic Cancer Testing

Wired - 10 hours 47 min ago
Precision medicine has finally broken into the mainstream.

Brit police forces spend peanuts on cybercrime training

The Register - 10 hours 49 min ago
£1.3m over three years? Get with the times, plod

The police force covering the base of the UK's electronic spy agency, GCHQ, in Cheltenham, England, has admitted that it has spent nothing at all on cybercrime training over the past few years.…

Leading by example:'s secure server setup is patchy at best

The Register - 11 hours 1 min ago
Many .gov websites 'broken, misconfigured or insecure'

The security of UK government websites is inconsistent, and local authorities are among the worst offenders.…

British Level 4 driverless pods are whizzing along ... er, a London path

The Register - 11 hours 44 min ago
Here's what happened on the Drive of the Machines

What’s it like to ride in a Level 4 driverless car? About the same as sitting on the bus, really – until you think closely about what a driverless pod whizzing down a riverside cycle path is actually achieving.…

IBM offers up Watson Assistant, its answer to Amazon’s Alexa - CNET - News - 11 hours 47 min ago
The business software giant unveils its digital helper a few months after Amazon introduced a rival service, Alexa for Business.

Ford tries to simplify car buying with Ready.Shop.Go. - Roadshow - News - 11 hours 49 min ago
In a bid to take some of the discomfort out of the car buying process, Ford is trying to make it as simple and transparent as possible by using the power of the internet.

Cold cuts from Infinidat, Pivot3 and Pavilion Data, plus some dish on ex-Docker boss

The Register - 12 hours 11 min ago
Storage mezze to start your week

Roundup In this week's roundup of bite-sized storage snacks: Infinidat has added a second data protection partnership, NVMe-oF startup Pavilion Data has lost one of its two co-founders, a peer-to-peer storage startup nabbed a Docker high-flier, and Pivot3 downsized its HCI product to a slim 1U shelf.…

No, Stephen Hawking's last paper didn't prove the existence of a multiverse

The Register - 12 hours 45 min ago
Late great physicist finished on an attempt to unify gravity and quantum mechanics

Sorry: Stephen Hawking's last paper doesn't favour the so-called “multiverse”, but there's some cool stuff in it if you ignore the headlines.…

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe review - Roadshow - Reviews - 12 hours 47 min ago
With the RST performance package, the full-size Chevy Tahoe gains some street cred with a 420-horsepower V8, tighter handling and sharper looks.

How Sea of Thieves is trying to make gamers play nice

BBC Technology News - 13 hours 15 min ago
The team behind the Xbox game explain how they're trying to take "toxic" behaviour out of multiplayer gaming.

VMware ponders baking backup into VSAN

The Register - 13 hours 20 min ago
And disaster recovery too, by painting a target on AWS

VMware has pondered baking backup and disaster recovery into its VSAN software-defined storage tool.…

How to go green and use less plastic when you travel

BBC Technology News - 13 hours 35 min ago
The Travel Show's Lucy Hedges looks at how you can reduce your carbon footprint when you travel.

Samsung’s DeX dock clicks the second time around

The Register - 13 hours 43 min ago
Making the phone a touchpad for the desktop is a good idea

First fondle When Samsung gave the world its DeX dock last year, we rated the device a solid, thoughtful job for its feat of allowing a smartphone to deliver a decent desktop experience.…

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