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Facebook: Jokes 'no excuse' for harassment

BBC Technology News - December 11, 2017 - 2:50pm
Facebook shares its internal policy for dealing with harassment.

IBM to expunge over 500 people in latest redundo round

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 2:35pm
Almost 1,900 jobs 'at risk' in the UK

Updated Almost 1,900 front line services personnel at IBM UK are at risk of redundancy and more than 500 of those will leave the company as part of the latest cost purge, multiple insiders have told The Register.…

UK inventors claim funding rules hold them back

BBC Technology News - December 11, 2017 - 2:12pm
Garden shed inventors talk about the challenges they face to get government funding for their ideas.

Blighty flogs Qatar a bunch of missiles and Typhoon fighter jets

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 2:09pm
And Hawk training aircraft as well. Just don't say 'despite Br-'

Qatar has agreed its long-awaited order for 24 British-built Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets and a billion pounds' worth of missiles assembled in the UK to go with them.…

The 2017 Ars Technica gadget gift guide: Gaming edition

Ars Technica - December 11, 2017 - 2:00pm

Enlarge / “May you be as joyful as a Mario in boxer shorts and an oversized boxing glove hat” -Ancient proverb (credit: Nintendo)

It’s the holidays, which means it’s once again time to rack your brain in search of the right gifts for the right people. If someone on your list is into tech, though, we’ve got your back.

For this year’s edition of the Ars Technica holiday gift guide, we’re breaking down our recommendations into themes. The following crop of recommendations is centered on video games—from accessories to JRPGs, here are a few things we’d buy for the friend who can’t pull themselves away from their console or gaming rig.

Table of Contents Console gaming gift ideas Nintendo Switch

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Hackers' delight: Mobile bank app security flaw could have smacked millions

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 1:33pm
Certificate pinning unpicked

Security researchers from the University of Birmingham last week went public about security shortcomings in mobile banking apps that leave millions of users at a heightened risk of hacking.…

CNET's favorite products of 2017 - CNET - News - December 11, 2017 - 1:00pm
We reviewed hundreds of products this year. Here are our 50 favorites.

Shazam! Apple chucks £300m at Brit what's-that-song app – report

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 12:55pm
That's a lot of money just to blast U2 at it

British music ID service Shazam is to be bought by Apple, in a deal reported to be worth £300m ($401m).…

Bitcoin futures trading begins on CBOE exchange in Chicago

BBC Technology News - December 11, 2017 - 12:39pm
Bitcoin rises 17% to above $18,000 on its futures debut, a move seen as legitimising the currency.

HP laptops found to have hidden keylogger

BBC Technology News - December 11, 2017 - 12:27pm
A researcher finds more than 460 models have the hidden software pre-installed.

Four hybrid clouds, three server SANs, two snapshotters... and a partridge in a pear tree

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 12:24pm
Yes, it's the week in storage

Backup, cloud, convergence, GDPR, malware and server SANs are flavours of the storage week as we approach midwinter. These market areas are growing strongly while traditional SANs and hybrid arrays fall back.…

Barclaycard website goes TITSUP*

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 12:08pm
Users report issues establishing secure connection

Updated Barclaycard has admitted it is experiencing technical issues, with users complaining they can’t log in online or on their apps.…

Shady US sigint base upgrade marred by stolen photograph

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 11:48am
Northants comms station architects nicked pic from site that uncovers secrets. Fail!

An upgrade to a major US signals intelligence centre in Northamptonshire has been struck by controversy after architects acting on behalf of the US Air Force and the Ministry of Defence nicked a photo of it – from a website devoted to uncovering secret military bases in Britain.…

Philips Avance Collection Indoor Grill (HD6370/90) Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - December 11, 2017 - 11:28am
The Avance Collection Indoor Grill gets your meat a-cooking but grease removal is a pain.

An object failure: All in all, it's just another... file system component?

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 11:22am
Disappearing into the on-premises wall

Analysis Object storage has failed to to make it big time and is becoming just another way of storing files and a public cloud on-ramp.…

Bangladesh minister: We want to 'wipe out' Philippines bank after $80 million heist

ZDnet News - December 11, 2017 - 10:38am
The finance minister said he wants to "wipe out Rizal Bank from Earth" due to the cyberattack.

So you're 'agile', huh? I do not think it means what you think it means

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 10:03am
Doing stuff quickly is only scratching the surface

What if I were to tell you that we knew all the best practices for software development? That they've been proven by actual industry use over the past 25 years? But that, oddly, these practices are not widely done? Well, if you read these pages, you'd probably say: "Sound about right."…

Keylogger uncovered on hundreds of HP PCs

ZDnet News - December 11, 2017 - 10:02am
For the second time this year, HP has been forced to issue an emergency fix for pre-installed keylogger software.

Language bugs infest downstream software, fuzzer finds

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 9:04am
And you worked so hard to make it secure

Developers working in secure development guidelines can still be bitten by upstream bugs in the languages they use.…

Google pauses accessibility service crackdown

The Register - December 11, 2017 - 8:05am
Developers may get out of a bind

Google seems to be taking a softer stance on its “accessibility crackdown”, pausing the program for a review.…

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