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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
Total votes: 31

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Jaybird Run review - CNET - Reviews - 5 hours 57 min ago
Jaybird's Run totally wireless earphones offer a great fit and strong sound but we encountered some small issues with interference In New York.

Project Loon restores web in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

BBC Technology News - 6 hours 21 min ago
The balloons are helping Puerto Ricans send text messages and browse the web on their phones.

Vodafone analysed evidence in case where it was alleged victim

The Register - 6 hours 22 min ago
GSM gateway prosecution man: They gave the evidence that they found to the police

A man left on bail for more than seven years has hit out at Vodafone's role in his court case as alleged victim and examiner of vital computer evidence.…

Mercedes handles the competition because it knows how to handle data, too

Ars Technica - 6 hours 30 min ago

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

AUSTIN, Texas—History happened Sunday at the Circuit of the Americas. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton won for the fifth time in six years at Austin, inching him closer to a fourth world championship this year. And on a macro scale, Hamilton’s victory sealed a fourth straight Formula One constructors’ championship for the Silver Arrows team at Mercedes. According to ESPN, that makes Mercedes the first team to win consecutive championships across a major regulation change.

How does a team achieve such sustained dominance—Mercedes has won a staggering 51 of 59 total races between 2014 and 2016—in an era where the sport has witnessed an infusion of more money, more engineering talent, and more of those aforementioned regulations? If you listen to members of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport tech team tell it, the answer starts in the team’s network stacks.

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Famous Irishmen subject of Westminster Wiki editing spree

BBC Technology News - 6 hours 53 min ago
Someone with a Westminster IP address has been editing web entries on famous Irish people.

Phone crypto shut FBI out of 7,000 devices, complains chief g-man

The Register - 7 hours 24 min ago
But he gets it, there's a balance to be struck, yada yada

The FBI has been locked out of almost 7,000 seized mobile phones thanks to encryption, director Christopher Wray has said.…

A tour of the Boxed automated warehouse in New Jersey - CNET - News - 7 hours 26 min ago
A look at the e-commerce startup's big and small machines and robots.

Amazon Echo (2017) review - CNET - Reviews - 7 hours 26 min ago
Alexa's new flagship smart speaker is better than the first one -- and it costs a lot less, too.

Linux Foundation wants to do to data what it's done for software

The Register - 7 hours 49 min ago
Penguins and machine learning. It could happen!

OS Summit The Linux Foundation has created one open-data licence framework to rule them all, allowing users to collaborate on data-driven projects.…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review - CNET - Reviews - 7 hours 57 min ago
The Galaxy S8 Active toughens up Samsung’s everyday phone.

A week in WANdisco, Toshiba 'n' pals, plus storage-iest bits of Microsoft and mates

The Register - 8 hours 24 min ago
Dash of containers, drop of tape, soupcon of advanced RAM... perfect

Another week has passed by, and yet another torrent of storage news streams towards us, running the gamut from spin-transfer torque magneto-resistive RAM to data streaming and a Maltese Smart Island hub.…

GoPro Hero6 Black review - CNET - Reviews - 8 hours 26 min ago
It's pricey, but the Hero6 Black's performance jumps beyond anything else you can get in a waterproof camera this small.

Guardzilla 360 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - 8 hours 26 min ago
See every inch of a room with the $230 Guardzilla 360 security camera.

All your masts are belong to us outfit Arqiva confirms IPO plan

The Register - 8 hours 39 min ago
Hopes to raise £1.5bn and clear debt

Britain's biggest mast outfit, Arqiva, has confirmed it will float on the London Stock Exchange next month, a move it hopes will raise £1.5bn and reduce its debt.…

FBI failed to access 7,000 encrypted mobile devices

BBC Technology News - 8 hours 43 min ago
Encryption has become "a huge, huge problem" for investigations, the FBI director says.

Pay with Google speeds up tedious online payments on Android - CNET - News - 8 hours 53 min ago
Google's online payments system should help you blast through online checkout in no time.

'Final Fantasy Distant Worlds' is nostalgic ear candy for fans - CNET - News - 9 hours 16 min ago
The 10-year-old travelling concert that features Final Fantasy's iconic game music is as fresh as ever.

Wowee. Look at this server. Definitely keep critical data in there. Yup

The Register - 9 hours 22 min ago
Tech laces networks with decoys to contain breaches

Israel-based Illusive Networks claims that its approach of planting poison-pill servers in a network can detect incoming attacks faster than any other method.…

You may not know it, but you've already arrived at DevOps Land

The Register - 10 hours 14 min ago
Installed Puppet? Visited a waterfall?... Gooble gobble, ONE OF US... ONE OF US!

After roughly a decade of DevOps hype, surely we’ve arrived at that blessed time when developer lions lie down with operations lambs in peace…? Err, not so much. Despite larger enterprises striving mightily to become more Agile (with a capital “A”), most organisations still don’t deliver on the DevOps dream, and won’t for some time.…

Sarahah anonymous feedback app told: 'You're riddled with web app flaws'

The Register - 11 hours 21 min ago
I'm... I'm going to sit down and think about that. *Sniff*

The web-based version of anonymous feedback app Sarahah is riddled with security flaws, according to a researcher.…

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