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Baan to Infor LN Upgrade Bootcamp
By vinceco252 at 11 Aug 2015 - 05:15

OST and Perfoma Apps are hosting a Baan to Infor LN Upgrade Bootcamp!  


This is a chance for hands-on work with LN while learning from a team with combined decades of experience with Baan, LN, and everything in between.


The conference will be held this fall from September 22nd-24th. You can register by visiting:


What is the lab?

This ERP LN Upgrade Lab, hosted by OST and Performa, is a one of a kind workshop designed to supply you with the facts and basic tools to make an informed decision regarding your company’s future with ERP LN. Whether you are getting ready to start your ERP LN upgrade, are still in the evaluation process, or just curious about ERP LN, there is no other way to gain as much knowledge and value in such a short period of time.

Android App for Baanboard!
By patvdv at 6 Jul 2015 - 20:07

We are proud to release a mobile Android app that will make your more pleasant on mobile devices. The app was developed by our moderator Bhushan Chanda so all credits go to him for this release!


The APK installer package file can be downloaded here (md5sum: ce6f1709f1fdd746b9530d9392245c6f)


Here is a short list of features:


1. Version Compatibility - The app is currently supported in Android versions higher than or equal to Android Froyo 2.2.


2. Quick installation - It takes a couple of seconds to install the app.


3. Simpler Navigation - The app provides a simpler navigation for each and every forums using the Navigation Drawer.


4. Ease of Access - The app provides a quick "Add Thread" navigation for each forum. If you are not signed in, it will pop up the sign-in windows and will let you create the threads in respective forums.


5. Fully-OS-Integrated - The app has an association with all the other app's installed in Device to navigate to Baanboard if a link relates to e.g. You can directly launch the app clicking on a thread notification received in your mail app.


6. Tiny - The app comes with a size is not more than 3MB serving multiple functionalities.


7. Multi-Aligned screens - The app provides multi-aligned screens i.e. Portrait Mode & Landscape mode if the device has "Auto Rotate" functionality set as ON.


8. Back Navigation - The app provides a way to navigate through the pages visited using the Back Button.


Note that the app will provide an enhanced navigation experience for the site but does not provide full and native integration with the forum or CMS software.


Attached are some screenshots of the app. Please provide feedback and/or questions in this thread.


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